Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2012

 Disclaimer: Most pics stolen from their official website coz I was too lazy to snap pic

Yeah believe it or not, this was the first time I've attended its opening and all other official events
because I'm not a fan of MIGF
I'm eccentric *alwiz* and never want to waste time on things that I don't see any value innit
but for the first time, this was exceptional bcoz of a friend

and last Friday, after all the official openings, VIP launches with ministers, royalties and VVIPS in town graced the red carpet...it was finally open to the public

so I jammed my way on Friday evening from KL city to Sunway
surprisingly parking was plenty but this is not a good sign huh
either ppl are still stucked in the jam or ppl are just not coming

Sunway was one of the major sponsor so the event was naturally held there
I still believe it should be in KL city
any major events should be held in the city, else you will not garner the right crowd u want
well it proved to be quite true huh...I was scanning the crowd at the event
the most entertaining lot of the nite was Diva
Diva is more of an entertainer to me than a chef

well God is really fair u know...u can't have everything in life
either u are a good host or a good cook
if you have both, then u are indeed special :))
that's why I realised a good chef is usually a hermit

a few years ago when I was dining at Guy Savoy in Paris....the chef was perpetually at the dining hall doing PR with diners, talking and sharing his experience etc etc the entire evening...it's good to speak to a chef and to know his inspirations but then who's cooking my dinner??
get my drift??

I had Diva at one of my fashion events 5 years ago
*sigh....the trouble I had to go through to have him, which I'll never forget*

so guess now u know, where he got his nick name??
seriously he's a really entertaining host
Monkey & Aman K

Aman: "I regretted wearing this shirt ya know??"
"Why mate?"
Aman: "Everyone thinks I'm from New Zealand"

everyone BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, u sure looked like one
"Yeah please perform the Haka hahahahhahaa"
and then he pretended to start.....b4 shaking his head in regrets
but nope, Aman is very much Singaporean with lineage from Chinese, Dutch, Irish, Pakistani
I got that right??? damn u are really rojak
Monkey & Henry H

He's the reason JS and me drove all the way to an event which we'll never attend

"Hey u should have told me u set up a tasting booth!!! I would have taken leave to do PR for you here!!!"
Henry H: "seriously??? U don't mind?? we can't pay you."
"for free bio-dynamic wines and champagnes...anytime..."

they've been drinking since 11am
well for as long as the booth was opened
I can't remember how much we had.....but it was a successful roadshow for Artisan Cellars

Congratulations!!! and thank you for arranging our wine tour in France next month

for more information on Artisan Cellars, visit: www.artisan-cellars.com
for more information on MIGF, visit: www.migf.com


mef said...

Hi Cherry,

How are you?

I was there. How come we didn't manage to cross path. I enjoyed Chef Wan's jokes.

Perhaps may see you at Sage tomorrow : )

CHER-RY said...

Hi MEF!!! You are back!! for how long??

the place was huge with too many ppl, don't think we can see each other even if we did past by each other :P

I'll be in Cilantro tonite for a private dinner. Enjoy Sage and do drop me an email, maybe we can catch up or something. Cheers.