Monday, October 29, 2012

Durian Puffs fr Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

I was again... arrived at my Singapore office on the "right" timing for yet another birthday party bash
The Office usually holds a birthday party once a month unless there's no babies/staffs born in that particular month

Aside from birthday celebrations, they also celebrated Hungry Ghost Festival, Chap Goh Mei etc
so The Office was perpetually on some kind of celebrations to my dislike

Monkey who's so oblivious to all these celebrations will usually -_- at the HR and snarled my way for ppl to be back in The Office on time...despite them smelling of joss sticks and other chinese prayers' materials that they've burnt through
*smacks forehead*
why lar u all need one freaking productive hour to pray down there??? Twice in a month sumore!!!!!

Hence birthdays are the only celebrations that I participated in
ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho
so cut the crap and let's focus on these Durian Puffs
I'm not a fan of durian but these lil poppies were not too bad
however I must say, I don't think there's any form of durian in there....prollie just flavouring

However for all the Malaysians folks out there...
these are only available at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Singapore
SGD 34 for 20 pieces

so cute and popular at parties...
just pop them into your mouth to avoid messiness :D

plenty of food were served at the October babies party
the usual Singaporean fare - Old Chang Kee, Rojak, stir fried RED colored noodles, century eggs and braised duck (????), KFC, pizzas etc etc
*KFC in Spore suck-ass!!!*

yeah I know...wat a concoction
sometimes it's the company and people that matters

for more info, pls log on to:


Chasing Food Dreams said...

all I can say is thk goodness they dun sell the durian puffs here in Msia in coffee bean... lol... :P

CHER-RY said...

HAHAHHAA why? coz u will borong all home? :P

Chasing Food Dreams said...

lol.. cos I will not go to Coffee Bean anymore... kakakaka

CHER-RY said...

hahahha u so afraid of durians huh?