Friday, October 12, 2012

Claustrophobic Satayman

oh yummy yummy yum yum
hmm I just noticed I've been into "stick" food of late

Satays was my dinner last Friday bcoz I was stucked in KL's traffic for 2 hours
this means I will missed my appointment with Shell Shell
so Monkey cancelled it and reschedule my evening to do dinner with JS
that also failed >.<
coz the jam was so horrible it didn't budge

"Sorry!!!! Can u do dinner on your own????"
JS: "Sure sure no problem. U need anything?"
"Oh yes!!! I need a toilet now coz I am in need of one and I'm stucked inside the not-so-smart-tunnel"

JS: "I mean, do u need packed dinner?"
>.< yes pls....u r the sweetest

According to JS when he arrived at Satayman place he wasn't ready for biz yet
so JS had his dinner and sat there waiting for Satayman to start his fire charcoal
fanned them till it turned amber

I think satayman must been so agitated bcoz he's cooking with a "paparazzi" behind him
he must been thinking...customers these days.....
and dearie JS continued to hog him all around snapping pics from top under sides left right zoomed in and hovered around poor satayman till he's done with my order :P
yum yum yum yum
really satisfying to have comfort food after a freaking jam at the comfort of your own home

it's Friday again so wat are u having tonite?
We are gonna be double 0 seven and have our martinis stirred AND shaken this evening at a charity event
Have a eppy happy weekend folks!!!!


Chasing Food Dreams said...

lol... yes, the food industry must think us crazy ppl & our cameras....

well at least u arrive home to a splendid meal of delicious Satay!!

Happy Weekend Cherry & JS!

js said...

It's call iphonography :)))