Monday, February 13, 2012

Octa.phi.los.o.phy at Andre

crackling pop corns that keep popping inside ur mouth
:))))))) that was a happy beginning already

We had the pleasure to dine at Andre last week
helmed by Chef Owner Andre Chiang who hailed fr Taiwan
after a successful portfolio with "Jaan" - one of Singapore's very top restaurant since he arrived 3 years ago, Andre decided to have his own lil restaurant

tucked in a 1920s townhouse at Bukit Pasoh area
each evening he cooks for only 30 guests
yes only 30 and we were very privileged to be part of that small number
Thanks to Henry H. :)))
well whenever there's a will there's a way to do anything
*esp for our growling palates*
the other canapes served was tuna tartare wrapped in a very really super thin toast, topped with finely chopped chives
it was then wrapped in this tracing paper held together with a clip
Maitre D then further confirmed that we can eat everything except the paper + clip
oh ok....:)))))))))))
with such fine canapes at the beginning of the evening, expectations were rolling high
this is so good and adorable
mushroom garden in the box

the one with the fish tail sticking out was Fish and Chips
chips was defined with a kataifi of potatoes, deep fried to golden brown without burning the delicate fish tail
then the mushrooms shape were crisps made from truffles
even its soil was edible - chocolate and garlic soil
Octa.phi.los.o.phy was the menu practiced at Andre
the menu has got nothing close to any ingredients used

it goes by the theme of Pure, Salt, Artisan, South, Texture, Unique, Memory and Terroir
we started with Salt

His definition
Salt: An ancient seasoning existing since time immemorial. Producing a taste sensation with no barriers, the flavours in this dish calls forth the briny deep and brings to the mind a hint of the ocean.

and I had one of the most memorable jelly-ed oysters
it was unique, the oysters were cut into pieces and jelly-fied????
when u put it in your mouth, your senses tell u it's not oysters but tasted like one

Pure: Beauty can be found in the simplicity of pure, unadulterated ingredients. Untainted by any form of seasoning or cooking, this dish allows the produce to speak for itself

WOW this was one of my favourite
everything were uncooked on this dish....from the mussels, de-shelled pieces of seafood
raw prawns
in a gazpachos ...or maybe u dun call it gazpachos coz it isn't made fr tomatoes
just cucumber juice with olive oil
very refreshing dish on the palate and pretty on the eyes

Monkey was squealing at this beautiful dish
in fact I was already squealing when JS told me he's gonna take me to Andre

Artisan: Farmers and artisans deserve to be lauded for the sheer dedication they hold towards their creations. Celebrating the craftsmanship of these highly passionate artists.
wow with this portion, I knew we can take a long slow dinner
very good portioning, just enuff to tantalise ur taste buds with u wanting more

Andre was just opened in late 2010
and in less than 18 months, it is already World's 50 top restaurant
back to the Artisan dish
it's japanese aubergine with macadamia
but the star of this dish were Duck's tongue and Chicken comb
u know the comb on their head?

after listening to Maitre D's explanation it wasn't easy
but What the heck!!!!
and no regrets
no looking back
esp the texture

so lesson learned folks, if u never try it, how do u decide if u like it or not in the first place

South: The South of France is known for its vibrant joie de vivre, or joy of living. Capturing the flavours of France's souther region, expect the generosity, freshness, acidity and a dose of the rustic

this dish came in 2, stacked on top before Maitre D' unveiled the bottom deck of vivid coloured creation
Monkey was squealing in excitement that JS had to contained my expression
kekekekekke sorry :)))))))))
well so pretty how not to right???
further more I'm such a sucker for pretty things :P

the colourful creation consisted of tomato and persimmon salad
with salty crunchy seaweed which looked like corals to me
and a dollop of homemade tomato sorbet
so it was refreshing cold and evoked memories of Cote d'Azur

the other plate was this risotto
not just any risotto it was SEA URCHIN aka OONI risotto
I never thought of making risotto using this!!!!!

results was a creamie rich sea-sweetness risotto
its grain were chewy to the bite
on the risotto were more seafood of spanish prawns, pickled japanese snapper, mackerel with blue crab foam and a piece of octopus

oh darn....I'm not a rice pot but can I have the whole pot of risotto please????
Texture: layers of flavour and textural contrasts come together harmoniously in this dish, providing a delicious sensory experience.

crispy black rice crackers with char-grilled baby leeks
and crunchy baby squids which was crispy on the outside
while u bite on just snapped off....
don't think I've ever had that many experience of such crunchy squid

the black cubes paired with the baby squid was actually black pudding (blood) the star of the dish
it was awesome....coz I'm not a blood sausage person
but I mopped up my plate....clean....the greens were not spared either
Unique: What makes a dish unique? Sometimes, it is the possibility of experiencing a common ingredient in a different way. At other times, savouring an exotic ingredient is the key to making a dish unique.

it was pan seared fish with aubergine, special wonderful yummy stock
the leaves were unique coz never eaten nor tasted it before
they actually cut the leaves to this round shape
specially imported from France
Memory: meaningful memories stay with you for a long time. In this case, old recipes and flavours are given a new presentation, but still retain that old world charm you once knew.

served on a double insulated glass *just like our BODUM coffee cup*
it's actually foie grais jelly at the bottom with truffle cream at the top
not overly rich and yet it was comfort food
Terroir: rustic, masculine and unpolished, this soulful course is rooted to the flavours typical to a specific region. It reveals the appreciation of the gifts that Mother Nature has bestowed upon the land.

the beef!!!! OH MY GAWD!!!!
it's OMI-Gyu
omigyu came from the Shiga prefecture
in ancient time, Shoguns and Feudal Lords were fed omigyu because of its medicinal properties

my only complaint.....the portion was too small
the best of the best ingredients, paired with creativity from Chef Andre
accompanied by artisan wines fr the best maker and the best region
aaAAAAaaaaa what a memorable to die for kinda dinner

We visited Domaine Fourrier a few months ago in France and met the owner/winemaker
so toasting to our memories back in France
pre dessert was a hay ice cream
I'm not a fan of sheep's milk but this was surprisingly good
creamie and silky smooth all the way down ur throat
dessert of something deconstructed....if not mistaken a snickers bar?
with sponge, nuts, caramel, nougat, chocolates
definitely better than a bar!!!! hahahahahhaa
and all the yummylicious beautiful petit four
I didn't know where we got the rooms for everything for that evening

then we had a private tour in the kitchen!!!!!
all the staffs were stunned :P

it was almost closing hour
some were cleaning while the rest were busy wrapping up the evening with more desserts
wow wat's that??? chocolate cake?
how come I didn't get that????
*burped!!! u greedy monkey!!!!*

the evening isn't complete without meeting the chef in person
and my I had another last surprise when he stepped out

BEHOLD my dear readers :)))))))))))))))))
Chef Andre Chiang is SOOOOOO young!!!!!!!!!
and talented of coz

he's one of the very few top 10 young chefs in Asia
Best Dinner in the world by Noosa Australia
Top Chefs around the world by International Herald Tribune
the restaurant also made it into New York Times as the 10 restaurants in the world worth riding a plane for....
so folks, since it's so near to Malaysia...pls do visit Andre :))))
Monkey & Chef Andre

notice the "tool" on his apron
looked like a surgical scalpel hahahahhaha
but it's for him to pick, present and plate his dishes

highly recommended and reservations in advance please

41 Bukit Pasoh,
Singapore 089855
Tel: +65 6534 8880


Chasing Food Dreams said...

wah lau... eating ART! super geng and no wonder the Cutie Andre is one of the top chefs in Asia...

the food looked so geng I also dun know how to comment... :P

js said...

Do we actually address Andre as chef or artisan?? :)

CHER-RY said...

Oh Food Dreams!!! U must try this place when u are in Singapore. He is such a creative chefs!!! and yes very cute...wuahahahahahhaha

JS, think we'll call him artisan chef :))) wat say u?

Unknown said...

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