Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hinoki Japanese Restaurant, Singapore

Such a PRETTY creation of Yu Sang
freshly flown in fishes were sliced perfectly *as though measured precisely*
arranged in a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors

finely julienned carrots, japanese seaweed
topped with plenty of freshly toasted sesame and salmon roe!!!!!!
WAHHHHHHH what a luxury :)))))))))))))
Chef Lawrence proceeded with the dressing of secret concoction
which is no so secret after he told me the ingredients
very balance taste of homemade miso and fresh wasabi
"Come on!!! Let's lou hei!!!!" he said
we were just too mesmerised by this Japanese influenced Yu Sang
so pretty I didn't wanna toss it at all!!! kekekeke

chopsticks all SET!!!!


sounds of Monkey shrieks and shrills sent other customers to an irritating mood -_-
yes I'm LOUD :P

anyhow it caused quite some interest coz no one else in the restaurant is having this :)))
see I can do a good promotion in marketing this dish
pppffffffftttttttttttt *narcicist*

well Chef Lawrence has got very closed niche clientele he doesn't need promotion like this

Testimony to this....we are his followers...
whichever restaurant he goes to....we stuck on to him like parasites
and now with his own restaurant, we gonna be more than parasites and plant our flags at his establishment
HO HO HO!!!!!

fun canapes of crispy grilled fish with japanese mayo
there was once he served us dried Fugu fish the same way
in fact it makes quite good snacks
we were there for lunch on a Saturday, just excellent coz fresh produce were flown in on Friday
look at those fresh fish inside the vitrine

Hinoki is alwiz packed esp during weekdays
situated at the CBD's definitely gonna be my fav lunch hangout place
well if only I work in Singapore :))))))))))

fish skin in japanese soyu and pickled radish
lots of collagen :))))))
I lurve fish skins in any format....including raw like this
tee hee hee!!!!!

dining format here is pretty casual...
usually we'll book ourselves at the sushi bar/counter
and let Chef Lawrence works his magic
dunnit to order :))))
u just need to let him know wat u DUN eat
then the sushis come
HO HO HO!!!!!
the best way to enjoy ur sushis....
with your fingers :))))

Chef Lawrence didn't wanna load us up with carbo
so the FISH were HUGE but the RICE were teeny weeny tiny
wat a good portioning!!!
I like :))))))))))))

Mantis prawn sushi??
it's a first for me

piece after piece came
Chef Lawrence was busy slicing and torching fishes
We were BZ too...
esp with our mouths and fingers
:D heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
the portion was so generous

Hold the dish!!!
CHOMP & NOM more fish
Monkey u r a swish
for wat u can accomplish

YES I know I have high stomach capacity
Chef Lawrence was REALLY really REALLY BZ feeding us
We were like ex-convicts just outta jail
White bait sushi!!!
topped with finely grated japanese ginger
herbs and spring onions

at Hinoki there's alwiz a dollop of freshly grated Wasabi = horse radish
that's the best way to enjoy sushis
not those weird green stuffs
but the worse are... those green paste oozing out fr a tube
ohhhh heaven!!!
torched mentaiko roe in mayo on top of razor clam
the texture of the clams were so YUMMY!!!
Japanese pickled green mustard
to wash our palate before proceeding to the next course
huge sweet creamie japanese prawns

by now.....I think this post is not for those who dun take raw food
everything is raw huh?
this I will NEVER EVER share :P

JS was looking at me plate and I was shooting him that "don't u ever think about it" look

yes I may be a slow eater but that doesn't mean I can't finish my food
so.....spare your mind fr thinking bout stealing my food
or I'll give u the Karate-chop!!
the grill courses was awesome too
Chef Lawrence knew we lurve bones and gave us all the bony parts
everything was so yummy and crispy I ate everything
a simple lunch with a simple wine
It's a rare bottle so I should re-phrase that it isn't that simple :P
lunch wasn't simple bcoz it was amazingly yummy with all the fresh produce

so I would say it's more of a gastronomic lunch with rare wines and friends who are like GEMS
we skipped the Meat bit and had soup
not just any soup but a really good Japanese Bamboo shoots which are in season now

if u are able to get freshly imported shoots from Japan, pls do try it
it has got a different taste profile
I usually can have one whole shoots on my own - sashimi style

Some time ago at another Japanese restaurant:
JS: "Do u know that shoots that u are enjoying on your own, which u refused to share with me...cost a hundred bucks?"
"Yes I know......well u dun like shoots I didn't bother asking u :P"
JS sulked >.<

perhaps next time...I should do it my Grandma's way
which was...."these food are not good for kids!!!"
I'll tell that to JS, just that he's not a kid'll go
"these food are not good for MEN!!!"

I'm a happy gal!!!!
now...we are am happy
nothing can get me ecstatic than a box of Sea Urchin
I can eat them like ice creams :))))))))))))))))))

we were like "Haiyo Chef Lawrence...why didn't u bring this out ealier????"
so some grains with toasted sesame...a dollop of fresh orangie sea urchin
the white bits were grated japanese yams
after that, we declared that it's enuff for a simple lunch
Desserts were simple but good
Japanese melon and homemade black sesame ice creams

at that juncture....with full tummies
they really had to roll us barrels outta the restaurant
see I wasn't lying...Chef Lawrence rolled us out
and Monkey looking 2 size bigger
alwiz a pleasure to dine here
can I keep u Chef Lawrence??? :))))))))

Hinoki Japanese Restaurant
South Bridge Court #01-50/53,
China Square Central,
Tel: +65 6536 7746


Chasing Food Dreams said...

that place looked like raw paradise! I m going to Sg in June, time to arrange a reservation!!!

hmm.. I bet I have to sell a kidney to eat here... :P

Chasing Food Dreams said...

oh.. forgot to mentioned I loved the Yu Sheng... where Fish outdo those other stuff!! and so pretty to look at ya...

Melissa said...

wahhh..the yee sang u had here is so pretty...very different lo...

js said...

I think to assemble that plate of yee sang would hv taken an hour or so.......and destroyed in secs! :))

CHER-RY said...

Food Dreams: It's not an expensive place as compared to Akashi, Shinji, Aoki etc....just casual dining :)))

Melissa: yup too pretty to eat rite? :))

JS: not eaten!!!! ho ho ho~~~~