Monday, February 06, 2012

Reasons why I tore down Maxis's ceilingsssSSSssss

hmmm's not in Rupiah or Vietnam Dong
it's in Ringgit Malaysia
my dearest phone bill~~~~~

and the best part...most of my bills are auto debit into my credit card
but the best-est part was...doesn't Maxis have a maximum capped on each account?? like a credit limit thing???

Citibank was so pleased to receive the auto debit payment of RM 35k
Maxis was even happier to have customer like me
while me.........literally bull-dozed my way to Maxis Centre...
not just any Maxis Centre...but its HQ at Menara Maxis


then they have to reverse everything
plus compensations for raising my blood pressure, wasted my precious expensive time, my emotions, and inconveniences they have caused me
and all the necessary changes into my credit card

Don't wanna talk about it anymore
if I have mightier hands...i would have tore down Menara Maxis
*coz it happened for 2 consecutive months*
sorry to friends who are working there
*I used to work in that damn building*

and the Maxis personnel who did this was fired
well u dun have to fire's alwiz the organisation
firing small kutchi rat scape goat employees of yours



Chasing Food Dreams said...

I would have *fainted* at the first sight of that bill! Good job in tearing down Maxis!!!! they deserved it... I had wrong billings from them for five times last year!

CHER-RY said...

Five times are freaking too much!!!! gosh I don't wanna go thru way u've been thru....imagine RM 35k x 5????

Chasing Food Dreams said...

well.. I dont have the RM35K bill lah.. just in hundreds... and each time I call, they always said that my issue is more of human issue than system issue... @_@ but after I exploded and talk to supervisor, then only they will admit its system.. the customer service ppl they hire sucks real time!!