Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ushering the Dragon Year with Cortina Watch

are u all sick yet looking at Yu Sheng?
well I had another round last nite with ICON
hopefully it will be the last for this year - will post bout last nite's Ball soon

every year, Cortina Watch my top client throws crazy dinner during Chinese New Year
yes my client....how often do u get invited by a client *under their expenses ho ho ho*
well that's not the point
the point is, not very often u can HAUL up all your staffs for a dinner like this

being in the retail industry, one has to keep the boutiques open all year round
in order to achieved this, all their boutiques had to be closed early
and this spells paying a certain amount of "fines" to the malls
*but I m sure they'll scurry their way through all these...ho ho ho the power of PR*
well as usual, once I've made my grand entrance.......
I got the very very ordinary and usual sights...

1) an extra table for.......I shall call it "investment" table *sometimes u get ur $$$ sometimes u lose so much u dig ur angpow $$$$*
2) another table full of exciting prizes to be drawn *ranging from luxury timepieces to silk scarves, cuff links, holiday getaways etc*
3) extra crowd hogging the "investment" table

but most of all I looked forward to catching up with everyone

however the ULTIMATE part that I alwiz very happy with was...
collecting ANG POWS

I si beh boh pai seh announcing that I am single at every single table
any chinese dinner will serve this for the 2nd course
whenever there's demand there will alwiz be supply
I recently found out from a certain Si Fu that in Australia, there are "Ethical" Shark Fins
where the sharks were killed and every single part of it were consumed
it's like how u consume the whole chicken instead of cutting its wings and let them bleed to death
why ppl can't relate this???
Braised Abalone with thick yummy mushrooms and broccoli

my table has got very powerful diners with big CC stomachs
we had to steal food from the next table at EVERY course
no bcoz there weren't enuff to feed the 10 of us...
but the next 2 tables were too BZ gambling~~~~
and being very very ethical and appreciative of food....my table didn't wanna let the food go to waste
We were dining at Royal China along Jalan Ampang
the restaurant has got a beautiful floor to ceiling glass windows facing the main road
so we were practically encased in these aquariums cum restaurant
watever we were doin, can all be viewed and seen fr the super busy Jalan Ampang

I was surprised no one called the police to report on illegal activities here
*well I supposed with Cortina's strong PR, they've also kau tim the authorities???*
**if u were wondering which PR agency they used....it's Brandthink Asia...go google...but I doubt they do PR like Pau-ing the police and authorities....however u can try**
Grouper was surprisingly very yummy despite it looking bland
at this juncture, not many ppl were interested on FOOD anymore
their investment on that "investment" table is more important

Mblanc Jacq abandoned her dining table & parked herself at the investment table
"NO u kenot look at my cards!!!!!"

she recently just returned fr Geneva with a super excited glow on her face
it's either the new products she saw or hmmmm something else~~~~
this was finger licking good
woooo my fav dish of the nite.....waxed meat rice!!!
we had 2 plates *plus the one fr the next table*
the grainy yummy rice were cooked to perfection!!!!
served together with the waxed meat
we oso happened to have 2 huge claypots of rice

well if any of the guests were wondering wat happened to their portion
hehehehhehe well it came over to my table
no it wasn't me
Monkey, Beautiful CS, Aunty Kow
I was too bz catching up with gfs
mouth was bz talking yak yak yak-ing
eating drinking
I was a busy woman that nite....as though i was the host
*signs of a typical kepoh*
also to thank Selina who flew all the way fr Singapore for this

she's leaving *already left* the company to join another Scarlet Red company
Good luck, all the best at ur new destination babe and I will arrange an appointment to test drive ur flirt mobile
No I kenot afford them yet....just put me in the waiting list first anyway
with Sal
yeah the dress code was prosperity Red
and everyone came in RED
it doesn't matter if they have it as outer wear or inner wear
a few pics were stolen from Sci coz he was the only one with a SLR
I took most of the pics with my iPhone :))))))))
all the ladies from Cortina with Mr. Foo popping up at the back

he was so tipsy he almost gave me ang pows 2x
but I was so pai seh to receive it the 2nd time round
didn't ur momma teach u not to cheat drunkards???
hmmmm actually nope...she didn't :P
Thank u Cortina folks for the yummy CNY dinner
and most of all the BIG FUN till the wee hours in the morning
the captain was rushing us coz they needed to close the restaurant by then

I just realised I didn't have a pic with Sexay Back the host
nvm...we shall cam-whore again this Friday

Royal China Restaurant,
26 Jalan Ampang,
55000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 2161 9188


Chasing Food Dreams said...

still got Yee Sang available?

I super agree with you on the shark fin! In fact, all the parts are being used now so all those news about cutting their fins and throwing them back is a bit over-rated nowlah.

THe whole dinner looked super fun!!! :0)

CHER-RY said...

Food Dreams: yeah still got yee sang...so weird :P

I guess we can never remove shark fins for the chinese cuisine...hahahaha