Friday, September 02, 2011

Thomas Keller amazing Buttermilk Fried Chicken

been craving for a good fried chicken aka KFC but JS told me there's something WAY WAY WAY better than those genetically modified chicken with totally modified reconstituted starch or watever that's innit

and we parked ourselves into KinoKuniya to get Thomas Keller's book
his 1st recipe was Thomas Keller's amazing Buttermilk Fried Chicken 

to those who are new to Thomas Keller
he would be the Main Reason that I'll step foot to America :P
yeah that exaggerating!!! kekekekeekke
after all he's the Best American Chef :)))))

yeah u must b wondering wat the hell was the pic above...looked like some leftover food
or worse....leftover that's "living" and breeding and errr....yikes
anyway Thomas Keller's amazing Buttermilk Fried Chicken 1st step requires u to prepare this chicken brine
of herbs lemon peppercorn garlic salt etc

yeah the so called leftover pot :P which was not of coz...
need to marinate the chicken in this for 12 hours
really...I dun like to wait....I'm not a person with patience but for good's totally worth it
later u clean the its brine
yeah only drumstick and 1 pc of upper thigh *not shown in this pic*
coz Monkey only eat those parts + wings...

goodie that these days supermarket pack separate parts of a chicken for sale.
dun ever recall I've ever bought ONE WHOLE CHICKEN before???
at the same time clean some broccolinis 
well we all need some greens at each meal rite? 
prollie not breakfast :P

but then we all must eat some form of fruits during breakfast
while my breakfast for the past 24 years = coffee
go figure at wat age I started my caffeine addiction :P
next step is to dredge your chicken into the flour
make sure it is well coated evenly but not too much
then dredge it again into the buttermilk
u can get buttermilk at Village Grocer, Bangsar Village
yes also make sure it is coated well
wat's the chopstick doin there?
I dunno wat's with Chinese and Chopsticks....
it has become such a versatile tool that Tongs has been non-existent in a chinese kitchen
anyway Thomas Keller said STAY AWAY from Tongs coz u tend to pinch ur food with it and it is a NO-NO
after the buttermilk it is time to dredge it again into the flour
and it has to be coated evenly
then time to dunk em into the hot canola oil
*oooo I just noticed JS's stove is so clean!!!!*
well not just any hot oil
it has to be heated to precisely 320 degrees fahrenheit
-_-" so ma fan.....

when u put the chicken in....the temp will drop so u really do have to ctrl the fire
JS said for process like this an automated electronic fryer would be great

sigh.....pls no more gadgets/stuffs at home....I have a feeling he is gonna shop for one soon >_<
different parts of chicken requires different temperature and time
so for a drumstick u need to fry em for 2 minutes then u move it a bit
and fry for a further 11 to 12 minutes until it turned golden brown

so fr the pic above, u can see his stove is getting not-so-spanking-clean anymore
hiak hiak hiak
after 12 minutes
Oh My Gawd~~~~~~~~~~
so so so crispy.......
JS hit it with his most amazing tool aka Chopsticks
and it gave such crunchy thok thok sound
I can almost feel it in my mouth already
but he needed to let the meat cool
coz u need to let the meat to "rest" or else it will be tight and tough
so while waiting for that long few minutes for the chicken to cool
JS sauteed some brocolinis
notice the burns on the stalks?
yeah require some good fire and the secret is......hehehhehe Japanese SAKE
oppssss no longer secret anymore :P
and whipped up a simple double cream mash
with some freshly ground black pepper!!!
deep fry some stalks of thyme
then sprinkle it all over and some kosher salt
yeah those white flakes were the salt
not just any has to be kosher -_-
killer pic of the day
u drooling yet? :))))))
I AM!!!!!!!
the technique was very well applied
chicken meat was well marinated in its brine
juicy succulent and tender ...
it's almost like steamed chicken on the inside

while its skin was like the crunchiest thing ever!!!!
and no extra peripherals were used on its skin
just flour and buttermilk!!!
amazing huh?
yeah I know...
I really have got a HUGE MOUTH
and even bigger APPETITE!!!

since no wines can be paired with fried chicken -_-
I had an unfiltered white beer.
eh didn't ur mom teach u never ever take pic of ppl chomping on food?
that's so rude!!!!

anyway fr the facial expression it was really satisfying :P
hehehheehe hahahahah
oh Buttermilk Fried Chicken~~~
how I love thee....
pls gimme sumore~~~~~~~

anyway do take the time to visit Thomas Keller's website


licheng said...

Try getting reservation to his restaurant in Napa!!

The fried chicken definitely looks good...yummmmm..droool

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: I wonder how long is the waiting list like :P prollie then need ur help to book. How is the paperwork goin? any news/update?

js said...

The batter is made up of flour, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper. Actually you can put anything in the batter. The real secret is is the brining and it's the lemon in the brine that made the difference :)

boo_licious said...

This is from Ad Hoc at Home. Just dug out my copy and am now very inspired to make this! Thxs for sharing

thevi said...

Firstly, the fried chicken looks DAYMN yummy. Stu is a fried chicken monster.

Secondly, it's a Friday and most people aren't back at work yet, I shall take the opportunity to sneak out and buy myself his book; quoting Cherry, "he would be the Main Reason that I'll step foot to America" and "he's the Best American Chef"

Lastly, I'm gonna make me some fried chi-keeeennn!

Thanks JS and Cherry! You've made my Friday MORE exciting! ;-)

CHER-RY said...

Boolicious: yep tat's the title of the book!! Good luck and happy chomping!!! heheheh

Hot Mama Thevi: If u can't get kosher salt use normal salt but half the portion..coz kosher salt is less salty. Enjoy!!!!!

neil said...

Now I know why it was sooo painful for you to WAIT for dinner that evening :P