Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baan Rim Pa Restaurant

Such a spectacular sunset
everyday without fail in Phuket, we'll catch the sunset together
plus the tripod and the camera

wooooottt wooootttttttt the Tuk Tuk was fast huh?
my hair was blowing everywhere on my face I had to hold em in place

the Sun sets at about 6.25pm in Phuket
so in order to get the right spot for photography we need to be there early
sometimes as early as one hour to get the right white balance, angle, create a storyboard for the picture
hmmmm almost sounds like my usual photoshoot session for magazines

sometimes u need a nice foreground like this with rocks to create perspective and depth

basically u'll see one Man walking on the beach holding unto his gadgets
the gadgets were a huge ass camera and a tripod attached to it

and this man will walk up and down along the beach
with another tiny human being, in her lolly dress or swimwear taggin along
and if your eye sight is so good, u might even catch a lil elephant with them
but most of the time the two tiny tots are lazy beings so they'll end up sitting on the beach or lying around...worse lay their bum bum on sharp rocks

this Man will then stop at every single spot around the beach
with curious onlookers and start snapping away
never have I seen such a passionate man in photography
well thanks to this Man we have all these beautiful pics to enjoy

After all the *almost* award winning pictures,
we headed to the Award Winning Restaurant - Baan Rim Pa
that sits on this huge cliff and rock at the end of Patong Beach

Baan Rim Pa is the No.1 restaurant in Phuket
and the top few in the whole of Thailand
having made it to the Miele Top 20 in Asia rating in 2008/2009
also numerous awards from Wine Spectator to recipient for Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards

hmmm their award is almost as long as the wine list heheheheh
yes they do serve wines here but think let's skip that for Thai food kay?

We booked early and specifically requested for this table by the cliff
that commands a spectator view
so do come early and watch the sun set :)))))

It was really really nice to sit perched on top of the cliff
with the view of Andaman Sea to urself
and palm trees next to u

The sunset from here is as beautiful as from the beach :))))
Baan Rim Pa serves Royal Thai Cuisine
so everything is really fine and meticulously prepared

hmmm I just noticed fr the pic, my nose and arms were the most tanned part of my body throughout the trip

Fried Pork with curry paste served with crunchy long beans
topped with really really thinly finely chopped Kaffir Lime Leaves
the pork was like roasted pork chopped to chunks and cooked in curry
They twisted the long beans into lil rounded number 8 as above

hahahahahah we had so much of morning glory leaves in Phuket
every single meal!!!!!

Steamed soft fluffy fragrant white Thai rice is served in this contained
which looked like a mangosteen I think

U won't believe that the highlight of the dinner was this Kuey Teow Raadna
topped with seafood
the Kuey Teow was CRISPY
it was pre-fried until it was puffed up
then the gravy was added in

so when u bite into the kuey teow it has a crispy outer shell and a chewy silky noodle bits
really AWESOME!!!!!

Honey Chicken in pandanus leaves served with a special dipping sauce
this was rather a disappointment
I am still looking for the ultimate pandanus chicken in Thailand!!!!!

Duck with creamy curry and lychees
this dish was also really yummy
*yes JS ordered and ate this quack*

there's still some space left for dessert
Tub Thim Kroob
it has got pieces of yellow Jack Fruits
and plenty of refreshing chestnuts wrapped in red jelly

after a yummy beautiful romantic dinner
we are Happy Boy and Happy Gal!!!!!

There was also a live pianist right at the back of us
forgot to snap pic :P

There's a lady who does carvings from fruits and vegetables all nite long
our 2nd experience here is so much better than the 1st one back in 2007

This place is definitely very expensive by Thai standard
it is like an additional zero at the back of your bill for the same kind of food
but I guess u r paying for the great service, Amazing View and fine Thai Food

yes u'll only see tourists at this restaurants,
no locals :P

Baan Rim Pa
223 Prabaramee Road, 
Patong Beach, Phuket.
Tel: +66 076 340 789


Chasing Food Dreams said...

The scenery pics are fabulously out-of-this world JS!!

Food also droolworthy... XD

js said...

Txs food is my other passion :))