Thursday, September 22, 2011

Patong Beach

Really really super crispy bacon
with french toast on a french baguette
some really juicy pork sausage
and the EGG......GRRRRRRrrrrr
the yellowish organic eggs
I lurve to dip my crispy bacon strips into its yolk to eat
*so hungry now*
JS's messy plate

just woke up sleepyhead face
the thought of cripsy bacon is a GREAT MOTIVATOR to wake up early
Thai Fried Rice and Fried Mee Hoon
very tasty and its grain were fat and soft with a good texture
just sprinkle some chili powder and that's all u need

think that's a bit too much of food so early in the morning
but when it comes to yummy breakfast, nothing is too much
banana pancake with maple syrup!!!!
yum yum!!!!!!!

by the way the word Patong means Banana Forest
Pa = Jungle
Tong = Banana
so it was ultimately Monkey's kind of place
I lurve maple syrup so much I can just drink em straight from its bottle
tee hee hee heeee
it has this sugary sweetness with an earthy palate
liies everywhere!!!!
nice color :)))
I just found out that they closed its petals at night and only reopen when the SUN is out
such happy flowers :)))))

then it's zzzZZZzzzzz oink oink time after the heavy breakfast
Patong beach is the most happening beach in the whole of Phuket
with its 3.8km long beach every sight is a moment on its own

rent 2 lazy chairs for RM 20 for the ENTIRE DAY
it comes with umbrella and your very own security service
yeah there's this guy who'll take care of your every need, almost like a butler
Berr oso needed some sun
and the breeze aaAAAaaaaaa~~~~~
later I put him back into my basket
seen here was JS's scrawny feet :P
to be able to NOT DO ANYTHING
and laze there for hours was splendid

they were vendors selling everything
when I said everything....I really mean everything

Maam Henna tattoo for u?
sweet BBQ corn?
Shrimps on stick
crispy deep fried chicken with Thai Sauce
u want hair band?
sunglasses? beach wrap? batiks?
nicely peeled icy cold POMELOs
Hair Braiding services
Mani pedi service *yes at your very own chair*
massage and oil rub
Aloe Vera and sunburn massage with real Aloe Vera in their basket. This one is interesting.

Food and more FOOD
caps and all forms of shades fr the SUN
and the one that got Me and JS LOL was...

"Sir...ROLEX sir???"

our slippers were having a whale of their own time too
as the time past, the Tides came...and wash em spanking clean

almost zzZZZzzzzzz
cept the sound of JS's lenses went clanking away
u r disturbing my ME Time T_T

yeah there's a lot to see on the beach
all sorts of boobs from white to tanned to hispanic to blacks
and different shapes sizes etc

but the only thing that caught my eyes was this white gentleman in his g-strings 
hua hua hua hua
it was definitely not sexay..
see now u know why u need sunglasses coz ppl dun catch u snooping at them :P

very beautiful sky with streaks of clouds
and turquoise sea

wat I enjoyed the most was watching ppl Para-Sailing
it's quite fun and scary though
coz I'm so scared of heights
the thrill was to watch them land "this close" to us
yes this close
and the guy at the back who piggy back is such a professional
he made landings precisely every time on the same spot
we know coz there's the same foot prints on the sand
he's really precise despite the wind condition
and als the tides coz the motorboat have to be far out at the sea when the tides was low
Berr u enjoy the view???

JS said poor Berr so hot!!!!
no lar i think he's having fun like me too

to JS this is very very hot
but playing GOLF under the hot sun for 5 hours isn't
the 3 of us
JS has got "natural socks" thanks to golf :P

I wanna go to the beach again!!!!


S-kee said...


Thanks for the pic of the g-string hahaha it's really funny

& luv your pedi colour


CHER-RY said...

Mee Mee: actually hor I wanted to snap pic of the "front" but too vulgar coz he has got quite a package if u know wat i mean? LOL

CHER-RY said...

Mee Mee: actually hor I wanted to snap pic of the "front" but too vulgar coz he has got quite a package if u know wat i mean? LOL