Monday, September 05, 2011

Hai Siang Kopitiam, Puchong

oh yumssssss 3 layered iced coffee
concoction of palm sugar???? milk and coffee
got tea or not yea???

after so long....we finally paid a visit to Hai Siang Kopitiam
opened by bubbly jovial hubby and wifey team - Adrian and Elly
well how often do u get tat? :))))

if JS and me ever gonna open a biz together....
trust me in 24 hours time....the Sky will come down
no more blue sky for everyone
I heart heart heart the photograph of Elvis Presley on a bicycle at the background
the most hensem man on Earth :))))))))
yeah JS captured me face day dreaming bout Mr. Presley hehehehehehhe
Maneki Neko 
it's Money Cat with its left paw upright beckoning more $$$$$$ in 
while the the right paw is holding one some form of money protecting it...
money come come easily but money kenot go out say the cats
they called this Roti Thomas
why yea??? created by Mr. Thomas??

anyway it's super duper yummy
the bread was toasted well
and its egg was fried till its edges were crispy!!!!
sandwiched in between the crispy fluffy bread and the eggs was 
guess wat
SAMBAL!!!!!! and crunchy cucumber!!!!

damn I m craving for this as I post :P
wat a perfect balance healthy breakfast!!!!
definitely balanced coz it has got protein, carbs and fiber innit
the specialty of Hai Siang Kopitiam is their Sarawak Laksa
this one die die must EAT
coz the owners both of them.....are from Borneo

the paste was imported fr there so it's as authentic as it gets
hmmmm are u gonna have Mee Kolok in the future too? hehehehhehee
anyway I whammed down every morsel of its soup
Nasi Lemak has been a staple in any Malaysian's breakfast plate
sambal was balanced in taste with its grainy fat rice :D

I was surprised at how crunchy its anchovies were....
before I can steal much fr JS's plate...he mopped everything down 
hmph!!! so back to my own food :D
yeah I'm a greedy Monkey alwiz stealing food fr ppl's plate before consuming my own

there's also Herbal Chicken Mee Suah which I wanted to try
and their famous Chicken Rice

seriously at that point I wished I'm a COW with 4 stomachs 
Elly and her daughter who was under the weather
she wasn't feeling too well
guess the weather is really terrible these days with so many ppl falling sick
after her shower she's still looking not too good...
time to visit the Doctor
and whenever Mommy Elly mentioned Doctor....Baby Abby will cry
awwwwwwww poor gal!!!!!
another picca with Elly
Thank you for whipping up all the yummy food

yea being in F&B industry u have to be able to cook well and not rely on ur workers
this was the philosophy that stood by AdrianElly
she cooks and he makes drinks so does that make him a Mixologists?
I think he is coz the drinks were so yummy
u have to get the proportion absolutely consistent all the time!!!!
I guess most importantly u guard ur own SECRET RECIPES!!!!!
well u can't miss Hai Siang 
a homely kopitiam just right opp Giant Bandar Puteri

Hai Siang Kopitiam
17 Jalan Puteri 1/6, 
Dataran Puteri, Bandar Puteri Puchong,
47100 Selangor.
Tel: +603 8061 6919
*Click Here* to their Facebook page for more yummy menu :D


Anonymous said...

Oh my! XD

We are honored to be featured on your blog! Its very very nice to finally meet you both. Great Pics JS! Monkey looks so small next to me. hahaha!

3 layered tea, got no coffee in it babe. :)

Roti Thomas, yes! It was created by our customer named Thomas. Maybe u and JS and think of some awesome sandwich and we'll name it after your name. :)

Kolok Mee, adrian can make pretty good one. But its hard to get the noodles here. Texture is different. plus cant harap my kitchen staff to make lah...worry sometimes might be too salty or tasteless. Kolok mee might looks easy, but need skills also de. :D

When u come again let me know lah, I ask adrian to make u one.


CHER-RY said...

Hi Elly!!!

wahhhh mee kolok!!! actually wat ingredients u need that we can't get here??? meaning u have to make the noodles urself?? banyak ma fan!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the noodles! The curly like maggi mee those type. Here one somehow different. :)