Friday, September 30, 2011

Sunset at Patong Beach

Activities were never ending in Patong Beach
well being the busiest beach it will never end even after the Sun has gone down

somehow among the hustling bustling and happenings on the beach
we can alwiz find peace in doin things we enjoyed

for would be reading...
Berr was just taggin along....the story was just too deep for him to understand and it aint no bedtime story

I was reading about the life of a Thai gal who is now my age
She sold her virginity at 13 for 30,000 baht = RM 3,000
without even understanding wat it was, just so she has got $$$ to send her brother and sisters to school
it was a really sad book :((((
I dunno if u can get this book out from Thailand or not but for more information pls visit

okie back to Patong Beach
while I was so immersed in the book...I didn't notice 2 dogs were frolicking so close by :P
every evening u see ppl bring all sorts of their best friend(s) in different size shapes and colors for a quick brisk walk and jog along this beach

 while I found peace on my book, JS found his with his shutter
I dunno how far he walked...but sometimes he would come back to me with his pants drenched in sea water

"u went for a swim wif ur camera?"
JS: "nope I squat too low while capturing the waves...."

JS is the most efficient body energy consumer I've ever seen
He eats so lil and yet have so much to go around the whole day
*yea now u realised it's ME who ate everything in the pics u saw on every single meal*

as for Monkey, even when she's laying her bum bum on the soft sand using so lil calories....she still needs to munch
hmmm this was very yummy
sliced green mangoes served with pounded sugar with chilis
so it was sweet spicy and sour!!!

the Tide was low then.......
and the Sun...the Sky were reflected on the wet beach

soon all the traders peddlers and operators shut their jet skis, the motorboats and packed everything
and we see no more para-sail on the sky....
only birds
and the crashing sound of the waves

and Monkey with Berr of coz.....hehehehehehe
the Sun then fully sets by 6.30pm

finally he has got time to enjoy the sun set with me....hahahahha
coz he wanted to capture the beautiful moments for u readers :)))))

so u'll be able to SEE wat we SAW there
all the food we ate *which u can gawk at hehehehe* 
all the adventure we've done
all the beautiful ppl we met
and life in Phuket

Thank you yea :)))))))
I can't wait to capture the next Sunset with u


Chasing Food Dreams said...

so romantic lah you both! :D

JS: All yr scenery pics are postcard perfect! Can't wait to see more...

js said...

Txs food dreams.....will try to live up to yr expectation :)