Friday, September 09, 2011

Har Ji Meen

freshly hand made, air dried har ji meen from Hong Kong
also known as shrimp roe noodle
every trip to Hong Kong, we are sure to acquire some
for we can't get really good and authentic ones in Msia
ohhhh yummmm
our treasure were kept neatly in a ziplock bag and stored, more like hidden 
in a special compartment in the chiller

such precious noodle are meant to be eaten sparingly
these were acquired at a shop-lot noodle factory at Bowrington Market in Wan Chai, Hong Kong
we bought the har ji meen made from shrimp roe and abalone
since it's been 2 mths since we last ate har ji meen, JS decided to whipped some outta the treasure box
firstly make some fry some shallots

sorry dun ask me wat he put inside....
some sauces some chili oil some dried scallop thingy
heeeeeeeeeeeee yea I just know how to nom nom nom chomp chomp chomp
u can have ur noodle either with char siew or siew yoke
namely roast pork of sweet BBQ pork
so he re-invented sweet sauce roast pork
with caramelised garlic

next boil some green leafy vege

once it's ready dunk em with oyster sauce, the fried shallots
and drizzle with the leftover of shallots oil

the hero of our dinner - har ji meen
some skills needed to do this
and the key was SPEED

go thru running cold water
then back in hot water

hmmmm sounds like some hot and cold water SPA
trust me, this will give the noodle an amazing texture

then dunk the whole chunk back into the pan
by the way speaking of this legendary pan, Mr. JS got it from ROME
and he sacrificed a lot of other things in his luggage to store this baby home
it's actually a typical industrial PASTA pan
with a long handle
very very durable coz it's been quite used and abused in the kitchen

told u the key is speed...
so fast i didn't have time to snap properly :((
anyway Mr. JS cooks everything with speed
and as usual I'm alwiz on the way and hopeless
but I helped him mop clean all the plates
*beaming with pride!!!!*
:D :D :D
I made these pickled green chilis earlier this week
crunchy but too sour
prollie i should just stick to chinese white vinegar
instead of Heinz
the caramelised roast pork earlier
now bcame even more caramelised
drenched in sweet sauce
so yummy and not enuff to eat :P

do u call it wan tan mee?
hmmm no i dun think so
it's an understatement

but it was really really amazingly good
can have this anytime of the day
tee hee hee heee

so Mr. JS when are u cooking this again?


Chasing Food Dreams said...

oh my... you guys sure dine in style that night!

Will JS share the secret sauce to that Har Ji Meen? :)

js said...

Hye food dreams. Simple sauce. Shallots oil, good soy sauce from Ipoh, XO sauce, chilly oil and that's it!!
You can replace the shallot oil with prawn oil......even more amazing taste profile. Basically slow fry prawn head(halved length wise) and whole garlic in canola oil on low heat for as long as possible without burning the heads! In this case no need the XO sauce. Go ahead and have a go :))

Anonymous said...

oh yeah...quote from monkey:

"Mr. JS, when will u cook this again?"



Anonymous said...

....and the secret sauce is not so secret anymore! Hehe, can't wait to try this weekend. Thank you so much! GLee

licheng said...

Looks so good!!! when will i have a chance to try?? :D

Chasing Food Dreams said...

Thks JS for the secret sauce! :D

CHER-RY said...

looks like everyone gonna try it....let us know the results yea!!!!

Kindy Chai: anytime madame!!! but when u r back in Msia I m sure u'll crave for local food :P