Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ko Panyi

Ko Panyi is a fishing village on stilts built by Indonesian fisherman
hmmm are we still in Thailand now?
Yes we are :P

the sea water was so still for JS to capture the reflection of Ko Panyi
this area is so small there IS NO LAND!!!!

 as we were approaching the island with overcast sky
it was tiny...so tiny we almost couldn't see it

as we were nearing Ko Panyi
we saw kids waving at us and locals busy drying up fishes and more produce fr the sea

despite being afloat, Ko Panyi has got a mosque and a fresh water well
forgot to snap pic :P
dun play play eh...their soccer team Panyee FC is Southern Thailand most successful youth soccer club

there is also a market selling all the smellie fresh belacan
so fresh it was still pink in color

we had our lunch at Ko Panyi Floating Village
and we get to choose our fish fresh from the sea.....underneath all the floating planks were nettings of fish farm

oyster omelette aka oh jien
nope I didn't eat the oysters :P they were huge oysters!!!!
but the eggs has got such wonderful smell

the fish was deep fried and cooked "Tiga Rasa" style
so so so extremely SWEET
the quality, taste and texture of a fresh sea fish can't really be compared

now u must be wondering where is the fish head?

the fish head was braised and made into Tom Yum!!!!!
clear soup tom yum is lethal yo!!! looked so innocent but yet spicy like hell!!!
again I was in tears as I dine and our driver was luffing at me :P
but in the end every single drop of soup was gone!!!

There are a few restaurants here serving food
from huge nice ones to small lil ones...
we went to the end one nearest to the BIG LIMESTONE ROCK
there wasn't a name so..........sorry!!!!!

make Ko Panyi part of your pitstop whenever u go to Phang Nga bay


michie said...

monsoon le...visibility poor...shud go early of the year...

CHER-RY said...

MC: monsoon season ker? We dunno but the weather was good :))))

CHER-RY said...

MC: monsoon season ker? We dunno but the weather was good :))))