Friday, September 23, 2011

Krachang Bung Mud, Coconut Island Phuket

Blue blue sky
my dress is even more blue
anyway BLUE is one of the colors for Fall 2011

we were driven to this pier called Laem Hin east coast of Phuket island
about 30 mins car journey from Patong Beach
everyone over here are Muslim so be sure to get Halal Food

the famous Laem Hin restaurant on the right
but we r not heading there this round....maybe next time

Monkey: "Where r u taking me?"
JS: "Adventure....u like adventures rite? heheheheheh"

sure enuff he didn't was quite some adventure goin to floating restaurant 
and oysters farm *more reasons why I dun eat local oysters*

after our driver parked the car....we were heading towards the end of the road
Thais lurve to keep Monkeys as pets
the above was a Macaque Monkey
he has got strong arms!!!!!
we didn't dare to go near just in case :P
*Monkey scared of Monkeys*

really really rustic pier
well if u can call this a pier
anyway the boar ride is free and is the only means of transportation for people from Phuket island to Coconut Island

the Tide was low and the boats lay peacefully on the muddy water
we do not know where we are heading
so the best thing is alwiz ask advise fr the hotel or best still from the locals

but locals at this part of the island speak no english or very lil english
our driver spoke extremely lil english I can't even communicate with him
I asked him how old is he? he told me the Sun sets at 6.30pm every day
but he's a really nice driver that we brought him everywhere
served as our bouncer cum Se-Cu and escort :P

I am really thankful that JS speaks, read and write THAI
since my partner is so fluent in this "chicken intestine" language the locals assume I do too

they spoke Thai to my usual modus operandi
shakes my head as say "mai kao jai" = me no understand
the more mai kao jai i said...the more they tried to speak to me
so in the end I just dun look/respond to them when they talk to me
which I think was so DARN RUDE of me especially at a well mannered country like Thailand

and so we hopped onto this really rustic long tail boat
fearing for my seasick, JS made sure I popped in some Duramin pills first
*and later I found out it was only a 3 minutes boat ride*

JS: "Take Duramin otherwise later got Drama on board!!!"

typical Southern Thai look
they are Muslim and looked very much near to the local Malays in Malaysia

whereby Thais fr Chiang Mai are fair and looked more chinese
those from Isan, Northeast of Thailand looked more Laos and speak Laotian

ladies and gentleman may I present to you the Oyster Farm
It's quite huge that u can even see it from Google Earth

anyway Monkey is pretty particular about oysters....
so this round we didn't have any
dared not!!!!
oh after an extremely short boat ride - 3 minutes
we were at our destination

Krachang means Floating Basket
all these restaurants are floating on the water just like a basket
coz below em are fish farm with nets which form basket that contains all sorts of fish and crustaceans

to me this is like a floating treasure coz beneath it has got all the yummy seafood!!!!
u can't see wat's below...hehehehehehe
huge ass hull of the boat
the colorful bands are for goodluck and protection
these boats are really sturdy 
anyway the water is so shallow u won't have problem swimming
on the background, the banks with sand is already Coconut Island
can practically float over....just throw me a tube!!!!

so we chose our "Pavilion" and had our dinner al fresco
anyway this whole place is al fresco
just choose any tables u want...
tables with chairs or table like this where u sit on the wooden board

or table with no roof so u can gaze at the stars at nite
I like the wooden table which was made from one whole piece of a tree!!!

surrounding our pavilion were nets underwater with all sorts of fish
We even saw Puffer Fish which was for display
and also the ugly ALIEN Horseshoe Crab which is poisonous
it is a delicacy in Thailand but we assured ourselves that it is not worth spoiling our holiday with hospitalisation at the Land of Smiles

Monkey then sat on the planks by the edge and watched SunSet
the Sun doesn't set on this part of the island so it was totally a different sunset with Mountains on the foreground

so beautiful :))))))))
we just sat there and let ourselves drowned in the amazing view

for the past many years....Monkey & JS only watched ONE SINGLE SUNRISE together
coz I can't get up on time...
I even missed the most beautiful SUNRISE in Venice with him...
usually he'll get up at dawn to snap sunrise at every single place we traveled to
while I was comfortable snoozing in my warm bed :P
wei kenot lar....Msia maybe can Europe it's FREEZING!!!!

this is a different type of KangKung with the big stems
the stalks were somewat crunchy and not chewy
very very different

my favourite at this place was the Sweet prawns in tamarind sauce
really yummy and the prawns were so fresh sweet and succulent!!!!

Steamed Fish Chili Lime.....was very well balanced
Sweetness from the palm sugar, Saltiness from fish sauce, Spiciness fr all its chilis and Sourness from loads of lime

looked so innocent eh?
spicy like hell!!!!!!!!!

I like the idea of goin to the floating basket and choose ur fish
then they'll net the fish up to cook em

Gaeng Som
Fish cooked with Coconut Shoots and Tamarind soup

this Gaeng Som is really "Keng"
I almost die-ed 
spiciest thing I've ever tasted

really can die
I almost cried!!!!
can't taste anything after that

Spicy until I SWEAT!!!!

our driver said this is children's standard kinda spiciness

Driver pouring drinks for us
yes I'm a kiddy so I surrender to this level of spiciness
think my Si Fu Lawrence & Family Co. can take this!!!!

Name of this floating restaurant Bung Mud
dunno wat it means though

while waiting for our boat I saw a RABBIT hopping around
and tried to catch it
but the RABBIT can't get anywhere coz we are on the same floating restaurant
hahahh so she can only hop and hop around this lil island :P

waiting for our boat in the dark
there isn't much light so it's like hitching a ride on a ghost boat

all we hear was sound and our driver said it's here, I still couldn't see anything
out there on the sea it's pitched black
I dunno how did the driver maneuvered this boat

It's been another awesome day with amazing adventure
hehehe I lurve lurve lurve adventure!!!!!

Thank u for taking me to this rustic place
dun think many tourists made it here :P

Krachang Bung Mud
No address
No Telephone Number
remember to bring cash coz they dun accept cards

floating on the sea between Coconut Island and Phuket Island
just ask the driver/cabbie to bring u to the pier at Laem Him
at the pier get onto the long tail boat - it is free but u can tip them
tell them u wanna go to Krachang


js said...

Yes, the food here is 100% halal.........I mention food cos they serve beer :)
Remember the legend of Mashuri, Langkawi? Well, some of the residents at laem Hin are decendents of Mashuri and the latest I saw on The news was that the 7th generation of Mashuri has returned to Langkawi and the curse is lifted! T

CHER-RY said...

Really??? So much of story behind this place :D

js said...

Yes.....this was the place Mashuri came from!!!

Chasing Food Dreams said...

the sunset scenery is simply amazing..

food price decent? must visit this place when I go Phuket next year..

js said...

Food dreams.
The price is decent.
Actually the Laem Hin seafood restaurant on mainland Phuket is also very good. The steam otak otak(ask for the bony part of the fish)is steamed on the spot and the banana leaves are still green. The salt bake siakap is another must eat........its done to perfection!

S-kee said...

What? Mahsuri comes from Thai?!!?

Anyway, I like to call this "Adventure to Coconut Island" sounds like a game. Can imagine it loading in iphone with u & js jumping around muahaha


js said...

Yes. Go and google Mahsuri and you will see(on wikipedia) she came from Phuket!!

CHER-RY said...

Food Dreams: this place is darn cheap and all prices printed on their menu so they dun cheat lar...

Mee Mee: how could u imagine us jumping as a game app in ur iPhone :"( hilarious lar u!!!!

Chasing Food Dreams said...

Thanks JS & Cherry.. adding this to my itinerary now... yay!!