Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chicken Dopiaza

Chicken Dopiaza is an indian dish
*wat? u tot it was Mexican???*
u can also call it 2 Onions Chicken coz "Do" means double and "Piaza" is onion

well u should know Mr. JS by now
when it comes to cooking, everything from scratch
that includes grinding his own spices and curry powder
the above pic was some home-grinded Garam Masala

GAH!!!! my house smells like an indian curry grinding house
but it's a nice smell me like very much :))))))

Recipe requires 2 big onions
get the big red ones coz they are sweeter
cut one into thick slices while the other one into thin slices
and of coz do separate em

Off topic:
we got these stainless steel mis-en-place holder at Cyprus
yea impromptu kinda shopping but we can't find them in Malaysia
anyone knows where to get these squarish stainless steel mis en place holder?
they comes with plastic cover

about 1kg of chicken and marinate em with yogurt
DO NOT use the sour yogurt, if u can't find the curd then add sugar to the commercialised yogurt
Mr. JS deviated a bit and added coriander :P

5 green chilies *they were leftovers from my green pickled chili experiment*
1 tbsp each of garlic and ginger paste

some other spices needed for later use
my spice project needs expansion coz now we have so many types of pepper from pink to mixed to Cubeb pepper and also this LONG pepper
*click here to read about our Spice Project last year*

so fry the THICK sliced onions till it's soft
these onions are so pretty....I mean the color
they were from Australia

Mr. JS is alwiz this EPPY when it comes to cooking
but sorry u won't see me face like this when I do the dishes

JS: "But it's only loading the dishes into the dishwasher!!!!"
Monkey: "eeehhh!!! need to rinse 1st u know???? and arrange them properly inside the dishwasher"

yeah I'm such a perfectionist I even merchandise my dishes inside a dishwasher like someone gonna SEE it??? :P 

as we were arguing, the onions softened 
and it's time to take them off the heat unto a plate

huaaaaa hahahahahahha
no Indian cooking can escape GHEEE

errrr looks like a lot????
anyway the RECIPE didn't say it needs GHEE
so this Mr. JS innovated again~~~~ based on his taste preference and profile

ehhh u just got well leh....dun whack like there's no tmrw!!!!
oh yea wat r u doin cooking CHICKEN???? AGAIN???
but no complains coz I'm so deprived of poultry ever since I met u

well when it comes to LOVE there's bound to be sacrifices rite???
hmmm in this case, I sacrificed Poultry and HE had to sacrificed his WARDROBE space
oh wait....does that mean now that u r cooking chicken, I have to surrender that 40% of space I took from u???????
*bitting nails~~~~~~*

so with the ghee add in the remaining THICK onions, ginger and garlic paste
at this moment, the smell was CRAZY~~~~~

then throw in 1tbsp of each of the spices I've shown earlier
Turmeric, Coriander, Red Chili, Cumin

dunk the Chee Keen in!!!!!!
hmmmm I just realised he used his PASTA pan to cook -_-"
pasta pan are meant for pasta not stews/curries
next time u use the other NEW Le Creuset ok???
it's still sitting there and yes still a virgin

and dun forget the green chilis!!!!!
it gives it that spicy green freshness profile to this dish!!!
add some water~~~
and u have to leave the chicken to cook COVERED till all moisture evaporates~~~~
that's about a few mins I guess

while waiting
fry some greens!!!!
wat do u call these?
I bought them but dunno wat's the name
Pok Choy????

almost there~~~
but my STOMACH already THERE!!!!!

Finally~~~~ add the 1st batch of sauteed onions
and all the garam masala pounded and grinded earlier

cook for another 1-2 mins
GAHHHH I dun like to wait for food!!!!
so torturing :P

and it's DINNER TIME!!!!
since we didn't use Le Creuset to least we used it to store the chicken
this oval dish is in a nice BERSIH YELLOW color
Name of color -- Dijon

super SEDAP!!!!
so sweet thanks to the caramelised onions

yes Mr. JS eats chicken now
hehehehehe next we'll educate him to eat Duck, Goose, Pigeon, and also Patridge
yeah the Patridge on a christmass tree hehehehehehhehe

do give this recipe a try folks.....
if u r too lazy to grind the garam masala u can buy a ready made one at the supermarket

simple yummyy home cooked food
I would love to have this again sometime nearer in the future
*JS rolled his eyes*
but he promised that he will make Chicken Pie for Monkey soon

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