Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sweet Devil Rachel & Macho Mani's Wedding Reception

When we received the invitation to this beautiful wedding
I was scratching my head......hmmmm it was stated on the card, no kids kinda dinner reception??? *yipeeee*
on its itinerary was the "REAL" party starts from 10pm to 2am **double yipeee**

the foyer of the grand ballroom at Marriott Hotel
guests were dressed to the nines 
it was almost like a BALL!!!!

Sexay Back Maggie who came in a sexay back dress, Prestigious Mein and Beautiful CS
the cocktail reception was a great catch up time with everyone

my favourite Devigaga....lurve the orchid on her hair
u sure u didn't snoop one of those at the lobby of the hotel????
her body language tongue out = F u !!!!

Asha who dedicated a beautiful song to the Bride and the Groom
her voice was AMAZING!!!!!
with Susy and Marcus

the haw pohs.....kekekekekke
there were so many props at the photo wall for u to choose from

Hey I didn't see tat mask??? else I would have chosen that
nice!!!!!! and sexay!!!!!

Monkey chose a Magician Hat while Hot Mama Thevi chose a chinese umbrella
yes with her saree :)))))
later towards the nite this Hot Mama taught Monkey some Bollywood dance moves

ok ok ok one serious proper pic with JS
heeeeeeee I know I'm so tall coz my heels was like 6 inches :P

a nice pic of all my haw poh BFFs
and yes that includes Marcus :P

the dining hall was so BEEEAAAUUUTIIIIFULLLLL!!!!!
they have really transformed this place

in the mean time Sweet Devil Rachel was getting ready at her suite
lurve her bouquet so romantic :))))))

the whole evening they were being entertained by families and friends
can see the bliss and hang fuk smile on her face
made us so so so eppy :))))))))))))

then it's time for all her Ji Muis to make a toast
headed by French Bridesmaid Sarah who flew all the way fr Shanghai
yep she's based there now.....from Jewelries to Wines now
I really envy her job :)))) and she speaks Shanghainese :P

somehow we pulled the Bride out to "Thani" with us
kekekkekekekeke instead of the usual yum seng

One said MORE
the other said STOP it
competition for the longest kiss
but no competitor
just them and them

No-Longer-Available-JH, Macho Mani, Sweet Devil Rachel, Grace
I didn't get to spend time with them too coz there's just TOO many ppl
think about 500 pax attended the event

then the "after partay"!!!!
the whole place was transformed again

Someone's ma and pa but I dunno who's
so HAWT!!! and groovy!!!!

Macho Mani being molested by Bionic Photog Bonnie
it was such an awesome nite and everyone danced till their feet can't dance no more
well u can tell if ppl start to remove their shoes!!!!!

and all sorts of dance came out
from Bollywood to hip hop to R&B to "cuci baju" stance

then the happily just married couple flew to Bali
for another round of post-wedding photoshoot

taken at Ayana Resort
wat a beautiful sunset

I hope both of u had an amazing honeymoon
thank u for having us at your wedding
it was definitely awesome

I lurve most your video dedication and speeches
baaahhahahahahhha really really AWESOME

catch up real soon Sweet Devil Rachel and Macho Mani


licheng said...

the dining hall is simply amazing!!!

Baby Sumo said...

Wow their wedding photos are really nice!

Baby Sumo said...

oh you and Li Cheng know each other... are u from Sban by any chance?

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: oh yes it's a very beautiful and memorable wedding :)))))

Baby Sumo: yeah photos taken by one of our favourite friend photog.

Yes Kindy Chai and me went to the same kindergarten, primiary, secondary and university together. U happened to be from Convent as well? :)))))

Baby Sumo said...

Ya wor - I'm also from Convent / Puteri Seremban wor. Means you're my senior la... aiya how come I didnt know one. :P

licheng said...

Baby Sumo: Small world isn't it?? :P btw, your lil girl and boy are adorable (i saw on fb)

Kindy Yen Ching @ my kindy/primary/
secondary/uni friend: I will see you in a couple of weeks!

CHER-RY said...

Baby Sumo: Which year were u? What color badge? :)))

Kindy Chai: yes email me ur itinerary ok? Since I'm soooo available, u can kacau me anytime :P

Baby Sumo said...

Thanks Li Cheng! You're gonna be back in Malaysia for hol? You're always travelling!

I graduated Form 5 in 2009. I always thought you looked familiar.. but wasnt 100% sure. :P

CHER-RY said...

Baby Sumo: Wat a small world...so u are the brown badge batch, same year as my cousin Jessie Sow. :))