Monday, September 12, 2011

YSL iPad folder

a year ago, iPad folders/sleeves were so limited
hunting for one that's chic and fashionable was worse than looking for Loch Ness in Scottish Highlands
*by the way u know that was a hoax rite?*

now every single brand from Burberry to Prada
to Marc Jacobs to Bottega Veneta
so doesn't matter if u r Brit, Italian or American
iPad is a necessity in life
Since we'll be heading to France
I'm now concentrating on french brands
*time to sell kidneys again!!!!!*
Yves Saint Laurent has designed SOOOOOO many iPad covers
that all of us are spoilt for choice!!!!
but I like :))))))))))))))))
it comes in the format of casing or sleeve or folder
in different signature design from their lines of Chyc, Y-Mail to YSL core collection
also comes in leather, patent leather, calf leather and my favourite textured leather :)))))
Finally I found him :)))))
Chyc iPad folder with the signature Gold toned Y Buckle
the main purpose of a sleeve/cover/case is to protect ur iPad
so this is it :)))))))))))))))
but BLACK is so not me

teee heeee heeee heeeee
retailing at GBP 460/ USD 750 on their official website
I think it also comes in other color such as Fuchsia

Monkey will have some patience and spend more time browsing
but don't u think she's so pretty?

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