Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sabah Negeri di Bawah Bayu

Such a beautiful sight upon taking off. Spot the air strip of the Kota Kinabalu International Airport. It looked so tiny from the air right?

all pics stolen from JS bcoz he was the one who returned back to his beautiful hometown. the one he still misses till today -_-" Yeah he never misses me but his hometown all the time. How could I get jeles over Sabah? but then with such beautiful sights, I guess it's worth it :)))))

Below is the Sutera Harbour Resort with a Marina and a 27 hole golf course
Every trip, Monkey would spend some time at this resort be it swimming, lazing around, have drinks but most of all it would be spent watching sunsets while JS would be hitting a few rounds of golf till his arm hurts...:P

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There are many outlying islands in Kota Kinabalu and trust me all of them are really really beautiful. Lurve it!!!!

It's alwiz a treat for Monkey to take a speed boat and go to one of those islands...could be just for a few hours. I would really lurve to charter a yacht and go sailing around them one of these days...when there's more time to do all these outdoor activities.

The biggest island of them all is Pulau Gaya
Yes you can catch such upclose view from the plane as it makes a turn to head West towards Peninsular Malaysia.

However currently Pulau Gaya is populated by "tourists without passports". They built homes on this island illegally and travel to the main land/city of Kota Kinabalu with their small little boat to get the basic necessities. Those little wooden houses, all thousands of them are illegals >.<

These tourists are from Philippines and they are truly important during the General Election. One Malaysian IC given per vote. Barter trade -_- However they don't cause much of a trouble to the locals so the government don't raid nor disturb them. I guess it's a condition to vote huh? You vote for me I no come kacau u. Ho HO Ho.

Pulau Gaya is really beautiful indeed and there's a resort by YTL there - Gaya Island Resort
I've never been to this resort nor this island yet, suppose it's built on the other side of the island huh? and definitely not near these illegal dwellings.

so now we totally have to understand why JS misses his hometown so much
hahahahahah where he can golf from morning till the sunsets and totally forgets about Time, Meals, which hole he's at etc.


so if u have yet to visit this beautiful state, maybe it's time to plan one soon :))))
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Anonymous said...

Sabah indeed a nice island.

CHER-RY said...

Yes Melissa you are soooo right :)))