Friday, February 08, 2013

New Year HamBurgers Luncheon

Shell Shell, Nee Lee, Mee Mee and Bee Ree....all standing tall next to my mini christmas tree
the luncheon was more than a month ago >.<
sorry roomees!!!! Too many posts lining up behind one another, I still have stuffs from last year to be posted.

It was our first time celebrating 1st of January together....
we were munching on cookies, slurping maggi curry and sipping milo in our rooms together back in University years...but we've never really celebrated New Year together - though we were physically next to each other...again in our room...rushing up assignments/revision. 

Nah!! Actually we weren't that of geeks though I am proud to say the 4 of us are graduates with Honors degree *with double degree as well* specializing in our own field. Now one is a chartered accountant while the other is pursuing a PHD. So instead of doing revision in our rooms, we usually were bz clicking mouse playing games on our computers, ignoring each other....instead Yahoo Messenge-ed each other should we need something.

Bee Ree to Nee Lee: Hey I m heading out. Bye.
Nee Lee: Ok

and off I went out fr the room....that's how I inform my roomates who are physically inside the same room, sitting just a few metres fr me...wuahahahahaha.

Chef JS at work
Monkey suggested building our own burgers-lunch and he has got no choice but to stick up it.

His duty was to make the meat patty fr scratch, fry the fries while Monkey do the rest.
and my guests' duty is to stack their own burgers with ingredients of their choice.

and at 12 noon, my guests arrived with pressies!!! oh yes belated xmas pressies...hahahaha.
the moment the door bell rang.....Chef JS started his grilling process of all the meat patties. He's so precise when it comes to timing.

Monkey was also BZ hahahahahaha
bz snapping pics :P
but I prepared the rest of the ingredients!!!!

I took out all my Le Creuset wares to play that day...then we realised we've got almost most of the colors, except those that we didn't like..but never know, maybe just for the sake of having the FULL color collection, Monkey may buy colors like purple and dune - which weren't my favourite

Avocado, Mizuna, Aragula and Baby spinach salad
yeah it looked dry bcoz the dressing were not there yet and I dunno why the avocado looked like this on the inside...the best way to cut greens/vege/fruits is with a ceramic fav tool in the kitchen.

presented in a Le Creuset Oval French Oven in the color Caribbean

Coleslaw presented in a Le Creuset Round French Oven in the color Dijon
so far this is my fav color :))))))))))))

some crisp fresh lettuce and more aragulas for the burgers
presented in Le Creuset Round French Oven in the most famous color of its collection - Flame

Crispy bacon for the burgers presented in Le Creuset Heritage Rectangular Dish in the color Kiwi
this color has been discontinued and I am glad we have it :))))

Succulent Pork Meat patty...with cheese on top
presented on a Le Creuset Signature Iron Handle Skillet in the color Cobalt
this color has also been discontinued....they were clearing it in Tangs Singapore, Monkey spotted it and got it home :)))))))))))
in fact all these Le Creuset wares were bought overseas~~~~

The most important ingredients for Burgers is the bread
presented on a Le Creuset Signature Square Skillet Grill in the color Cherry
this was our oldest Le Creuset and the only one bought in Malaysia

Monkey was searching hi and lo for the burger buns...usually it's so easy to get but 3 days prior to the luncheon....we couldn't get it anywhere from all the damn supermarkets...T.T
thank goodness Nee Lee to the rescue....
TQ TQ TQ!!!!!

How to build a burger without fresh tomatoes??? but I'm not a tomato person :P
I dunno the name of this lil coccote in Le Creuset's collection bcoz it's not listed in their website but the color is definitely Dijon :))))))

Pickled Jalapenos!!!!!
my favourite :))) Pork burger must have jalapenos while beefburger must have gherkins :)))

thinly sliced onions!!!! presented in a's a Le edition christmas pudding dish
I am so Le Creuset-ed out now :P

and finally some fries which wasn't so nice...we seldom consume fries and didn't know which brand is just grabbed off the chiller in the supermarket >.<
presented in Le Creuset Oval Oven Dish....hmmm can't see the color from this pic but it's my favourite color Dijon :))))))))))

Finally all the hungry guests got to assemble and stack their own burgers with their desired ingredients. Oh yea JS also made the burger sauce....recipe fr Heston Blumental
I tell's the ultimate burger good as McDonald's Big Mac sauce

90g tomato ketchup *we used Heinz*
145g of Mayonanaise *Heinz as well*
15g of French mustard

so so so so easy and so so so yummy!!!!

After that day JS was so into burger making that he made BEEF BURGER a few days later..
this was a beef burger in case u are wondering how come there's sesame on its bun
a few days later, we hosted another BURGER LUNCH
now that's why my face had been so round like a burger :P

 Beef burger was so much more awesome but not all my roomies take beef hence we had pork on the 1st....

Beef burger was yummy bcoz 50% Angus and 50% wagyu
when JS told the butcher he needed it to be grinded and prepared accordingly...the seller almost popped out his eyes!!!

"Sir u want to grind your wagyu????" sounded so alarmed
JS: "Yes, I need it grinded this way...bla bla bla and then you must pack it this way bla bla bla bla."

such specific instruction, I had to giggle at the poor guy working at the counter. He must be shaking inside bcoz if he grinded the wagyu meat and that's not wat the customer's gonna be deducted fr his salary!!!!!

JS this was so SEDAP lah!!!!!
please make beef burger again!!!!!

My guests lurve to watch him at work.....
think he's cutting some Turkish delights flown in all the way, hand carried from Turkey

Baby Jae wearing the elephant shirt I bought him
He lurves to cling on to his mommy all the time

Rose Turkish Delight, Hawaiian chocolate Macadamia Nuts and Strawberry Cream Tarts
Every meal must end with something sweet :)))))))

Monkey didn't manage to snap a lot of pics, so half of it were stolen from Nee Lee's camera :)))
hehehehehe thank you. next time we must designate a photographer and definitely can't be the host and hostess coz they will be too bz hosting :P

 a few days later after our Burger making madness....JS went to Kinokuniya and saw his fav magazine....hahahahahah and text-ed Monkey

"See, they COPIED me OH!!!!!"
yeah rite -_-" magazines work 2 months in advance...this was probably shot a month ago, and the theme for the magazine was set 6 months ago :P

we definitely couldn't stack a decent burger like the cover of this magazine coz we weren't Food Stylist!!! oh if u are wondering that's a profession ok!!!

if u want the recipe, please msg JS
tee hee hee...I can only eat :P
Hope my roomies had a great luncheon :))))


neil said...

The loveliest New Year's day ever! :X

CHER-RY said...

Thank you Nee Lee!!!!

Anonymous said...

love all the colors of Le Creuset wares, that you got there.

CHER-RY said...

Thank you Melissa :))) I love them too!!