Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Shabu Shabu dinner at Fukuyama's Residence

We were lucky guests I know :))))))
MW Maho "smuggled" in high quality Kobe beef from the Imperial Butcher of Tokyo
don't play-play......it's the very same butcher that prepares beef for the imperial family

Last week, both JS and Monkey got invited over for Shabu Shabu dinner at Fukuyama's beautiful home by the Royal Selangor Golf Club. I've alwiz alwiz forgotten their family name and when questioned by their guard at the entrance I couldn't identify their family name except first names.

sweat!!! must be too excited over the beef I've forgotten.
Now that I've learned my lesson, I will alwiz ALWIZ remember their family name :P

Mugi and Chai Chai

Monkey was early....didn't expect the traffic to be sooooo good that it took me only 5 minutes from KLCC. Hahahahaha. So the moment I stepped in, 2 cute Japanese Akita Inu breed dogs came to sniff at me :))))))))))))

Eden the Maid was frantic at the way the dogs greeted me and asked: "Maam are you afraid of dogs?"
"No, I lurve them!!" and lower her hands to pet them...
before my hands could reach them...Eden the Maid was in horror: "No maam, please don't touch them!!!"
Soon I found out Chai Chai bites bcoz of a trauma *long story*
apparently stubborn guests who insisted they were "Dogs whisperer" all got bitten by Chai Chai...hahahaha.

OK noted...no touching the dogs...despite they were so adorable and obedient.
They followed instructions right to the dot!!!! Very well trained dogs who have traveled round the world and resided at more destinations than Monkey -_-

Top quality Iberico ham...."smuggled" in from Spain 2 weeks ago by Dr. Epicurian
Looks like this was a dinner for Mafias with all the smuggling activities
hahahahaha coz I brought a bottle of Bio-Dynamic wines which was not available in Malaysia

But it was definitely an international dinner with guests from UK, Damascus, Japan and of coz Malaysians :))))))

Sweet bell peppers also smuggled in from San Sebastian Spain
really really sweet and paired so well with the tasty waxy ham
mind u these were off from a can. Trust me...most canned food in Spain are excellent hence JS bought like a truckload a few months ago.....my luggage bags were mostly food FOOD food and more FOOD.....heheheh and of coz my occassional shopping spree..but well they didn't take up a lot of space nor consumed weight in the bag.

OH YUMS!!!! Vegetables Terrine with homemade cured salmon
this was homemade????

So beautiful and so so so sweet with crunchy okras and sweet peas
made by Mean Xer who cooks like a Mean Chef...oh yeah trust me she's really mean. Coz she means what she says all the time. But I really adore her for her personality and charm :)))))

Even the salmon was cured by her much earlier...
On her way out she accidentally dropped the vegetables terrine in a glass bowl....and everything was beyond salvage. Luckily she had a backup terrine and she brought it....

"U mean this was your backup? It looked so so beautiful!!!"
Mean Xer: "Oh yea. The actual one was even better! I lined it beautifully with daikon and peppers!!"

It was so delicious, I secretly wished for a second helping but everything got a fair share of a slice. Mean Xer even brought her knife to cut this terrine. Yeah tell me about being a mean chef :)))

Next all the guests were passed on with condiments round the table
from the Goma sauce to the ponzu sauce
followed by more condiments like japanese chili pepper, toasted sesame, spring onions and more daikon....

Since the host and hostess were so bz with the actual shabu shabu....the guests were left to be independent to do the simple task themselves...we somehow ended up doing the wrong thing...

toasted sesame seeds into the goma sauce!!! not the Ponzu sauce!!!
MW Maho was really in horror clasping her cheeks with her palm
"Oh no!!! this is wrong!!!!."

All of us were like....>.<
nvm it's gonna end up in the stomach anyway.

MW Maho: "No no no...you must follow yada yada yada bla bla bla."

MW Maho to the rescue!!!! but the toasted sesame on the ponzu can't be saved anymore

I was too bz watching Seiichi San preparing the yummylicious thinly sliced by imperial butcher Kobe beef. He prepared the clear dashi broth with konbu.

Looking at the colors of his hands, u'll know he's an avid golfer, coz they wear gloves only on the left hand. Oh well if you are right-handed. In fact out of the 8 guests, I was the only non-golfer...and now I'm receiving pressure and coaxing to join the ladies for golf soon.

okie u know wat? If my coach, the most patience man in the world gave up on me...u should know how bad I was at this game. Yes and thus I lost the best coach in the world......no other coach is willing to take me up except JS who in the end I whacked him with an iron 8 on the head while we were at the golf course :P

Oh well....let's not dwell into that or it will be a Tiger Woods and ex wife Elin's case :P

and the freshly lightly cooked kobe soon landed on our respective platter
ohhhhhhh totally outta this world!!!!
everyone were enjoying their beef in silence, to respect the Cow, the Imperial Butcher, the Smuggler aka MW Maho and the Chef aka Seiichi San

Soon we were requesting for a more pink beef from the Chef
I prefer them pink to enjoy its full sweetness
u just need to swish it in the broth for a while and get them out quickly bcoz they were still cooking even after it's outta the dashi stock

After we were done with kilos and kilos of Kobe beef, alternating between ponzu and goma sauce, it's time to cook some vegetables!!!!
Shiitake and enoki mushrooms, sweet leeks and Japanese mizuna leaves

So u put the ingredient that will take longer time to cook first.
Seiichi San was really really sweet to cook everything for us on the sideboard

At the beginning Monkey was insisting that this hot pot to be in the middle of the round table but Seiichi San insisted it has to be on the sideboard bcoz he will be the Commando in Chief/Chef to prepare our dinner.

Well no complain, coz if the guests can't even get the sauces and condiments right, we might as well ruin the dinner. Let the experts and japanese prepare the Shabu Shabu the right way :))))

Perfectly round, juicy and sweet

No meal is perfect without some form of carbos

after cooking so many different types of ingredients, the broth was infused with all the protein from the beefs and sweetness from the vegetables...it's time to cook some udon
not just any udon but a special one which I've forgotten its name *blame it on the champagnes and wines*. I suspected this was smuggled in as well :P

Dr. Epicurean brought some "home-aged" Scottish cheese
yeah he has a special fridge just for aging cheeses
Mean Xer has a special fridge for all her experiments at home *i hope they don't involve human body parts*

Now I want a special fridge too, to keep all my makeup and korean masks
hahaha just kidding :P
Blue cheese are really strong in flavour, really rich and rounded, extremely creamie...esp after all the aging done by Dr. Epicurean in his special fridge -_-

oh yums!!!! I brought back some home and had it again last nite :))))))))))
Happy gal all the time hehehehehehehehe

this cheese cake was made by Eden the Maid
>.< if a maid can produce such a beautiful product, I better go and slam my face onto the wall or ponder on this.

Ok ok ok my next project....cheese cake
Time to dig in some mean recipes!!!!

Thank you to Seiichi San and MW Maho for hosting, also smuggling all those yummy products...Have a safe flight to Tokyo *again* so I don't really know if Tokyo or KL is your home now but I don't mind tagging along either way.

Thank you to Mean Xer for the really really mean vegetable terrine and cured salmon, please hold a masterclass for me :))) I wanna learn. Merci beaucoup to Dr. Epicurean for the appetizer and cheeses. Lovely meeting you Mark and Dany, have a safe flight to Melbourne and enjoy the rest of your holiday which is moving to its 7th week now :)) Congratulations again for the hole-in-one :))))

In the end all of us were so full, we didn't have the Royce chocolates I brought. Sorry la...I can't cook so I'll buy things over hehhehehehe :))))))))
Till our next Eating and Drinking session :)))))


Anonymous said...

wow...the food above looks better then restaurant's. Both macho and adorable Mugi and Chai Chai reminds me of "Hachiko" the loyal dog! huhu..

licheng said...

oh my, such delicious shabu-shabu.

my Japanese director at office calls me Chai Chai..hahaha

Chasing Food Dreams said...

man, the maid bakes???? where can I hire one like her? XD

wah, the party is so international, not just the guests or the wines but the food too! you guys certainly takes food to another level..... lol... **super envy**

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: Thanks babe. Hachiko?

Kindy Chai: hmm so u are chai chai too? hehehe

Food Dreams: If you do managed to hire such maid, please inform. I want one too!!!! hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

erm...Hachiko is a true story of a faithful Akita.


CHER-RY said...

ohhhh thanks for the details Melissa :))) what a wonderful story :)))