Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mun Choong Restaurant, Ipoh

Lou Hei!!!!!!
I couldn't remember how many lou hei I had this's usually uncountable plus it's not something that I really really's more of an activity to toss as high as u can while screaming as loud as u want :P while making a huge mess on the table without my Mommy snarling at me...

oh yea that's the joy of lou hei for Monkey since she was a lil girl. I don't really actually eat it. :P Such waste of food
However the best yee sang I had was at a japanese restaurant *click here to read*

a highly prized Terubok fish. it's actual name is Toli Shad....due to overfishing it is now only available in Sarawak.

It has got a very delicate meat and a delightful sweetness finish. Terubok fish was steamed together with its scale to protect its the waitress had to prepare it for us before we can consume. However that wasn't the end, bcoz this fish has got bones like nobody's business. Its bones has got "branches" leading to every inch of its body......eating it was a hassle but trust me when it's this delicious u'll have no complain - just like how some ppl enjoyed eating crabs.

my claypot of freshly peeled crab meat, scallops, sharkfins, fish maws...
is there such thing as Eat till u are Scared???
well this chinese new year I was in that mode
for once I was craving for pasta and porridge or at least some bread....or just not eating at all!!!!

Later imperial stock was added onto the individual claypots. It's a tradition that we go back to Ipoh for lou hei with the C family, and Mun Choong Restaurant is in the priority list. It was full house that evening and we don't really fancy eating at a restaurant when it's running this busy.

Slow Braised abalone with mushrooms and broccoli
the stock was yummy and thick....*smacking lips* and contained a lot of collagen, I know it :)))) coz I saw how JS made imperial stock at home....collagen!!!!! :)))))

Huge prawns deep fried and serve with the famous in-house sweet soya sauce with oil from lard.
I know.....seriously unhealthy food but again we don't eat like this
*clasped hand and prayed my cholesterol level will dip soon for another makan this weekend*

When a bowl of hearty soup of vegetables and dried scallops was served, I was a happy gal again!!!! Telling myself that everything will be OK after eating more vegetables...hahahahaha
denial denial denial....tsk tsk tsk.

Looks like I need to run at least 7km each day to stay healthy and fit
but again not everyone will have such luxury of time to do it. Esp these days when the weather is so shitty!!!

Lap Mei Fan - claypot waxed meat rice is a must have every Chinese New Year
Well my palate has been so discerning, I don't really waste calories eating lap mei fan outside....

The only one I consumed is *this one*
it has to be this cook and all the waxed meat purchased from this exact place in Hong Kong

Monkey and I Ching
Thank you for the chinese new year dinner :))))
looks like this restaurant will be our annual chinese new year hangout hehehehehehe
Read about the lou hei 2 years back at the same place *here*

Mun Chong Seafood Restaurant or
Pusing Public Seafood Restaurant
57-65 Jalan Verasamy,
Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: +605 241 9348


Chasing Food Dreams said...

I heard about this place... in fact, I have been wanting to go to Pusing for another restaurant too.. heard they have got great seafood.

Love the look of the soup where you can see all the gorgeous ingredients before the soup is ladle on.

CHER-RY said...

Food Dreams: Yup you are right, they have 2 branches :)) Do give it a try!!