Wednesday, February 06, 2013

2013 Resolutions: Eton Mess

yup another easy peasy dessert which can be prepared in advance. I had the meringue done a day in advance, and everything was assembled on the spot before serving :)))))

The name Eton Mess is really its original one, hailed from UK at Eton College. Surprised? Eton Mess was a traditional English dessert served in schools and colleges since the 19th century.

but the key's so simple to prepare, pretty on the eyes and yummy on the palate.
just my typical kinda dessert.......nyek nyek nyek :))))

Rule no. 1 in baking...
alwiz preheat ur oven first and in this case at 120*C

To begin.....gather 100gm of egg whites, from about 3 eggs
and whisk it with a pinch of salt until peak form....then reduce speed and continue whisking while adding 100gm of caster sugar. Once all are well combined it will be thick and glossy like the above.

then slowly sieve in another 100gm of icing sugar and 15gm of corn flour slowly until well combine with a spatula. You don't want all the air to escape.

looked like shaving foam eh? hehehehehehe
then dunk them on a tray with baking sheet.....bake at 120*C for 45-50 minutes. Just take a peek by the 45th minute and for mine...I was too lazy so it was set all the way till 50 minutes.

Once the alarm rang, shut the oven and let the meringue cool inside the oven. I guess it took one hour? or was it a few hours??? coz Monkey was too lazy and busy....I just loaded everything into the dishwasher...lalalalala and went out :P

Congratulations!!! you have made the very basic meringue which can be used for many other things...or even eaten on its own :):):)

U can also dunk fruits and other things on top and serve like this but I have to remind myself this is for Eton Mess >.<

your meringue should be easily separated from the baking should not stick at all....just lift up as easy as air...and I was surprised that it's so light :)))))

Then u stack and layer everything up
the broken chunks of meringue, the creme, the sweetened strawberries, more fresh strawberries and raspberries...
Easy eh???

Since we lurve berries so much....there's more redness than the white creme :P

I am too lazy to post the rest of the recipe....namely the whipped creme of creme fraiche, vanilla beans, thickened cream and more sugar....
So u can visit *this link here* to have the full professional recipe from one of my favourite website :)

Good luck with it!!!!!

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