Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chinese New Year Cookout, Ipoh

Ocean Trout Tartare with sous vide free range egg yolk, topped with chopped konbu and chives

Yeah it was a chinese new year dinner, go ask JS why he made a non-chinese dish...huahuahua. Thing was we brought one whole Ocean Trout with its head and tail to visit Prince C and I Ching's home. He said must have "head and tail" so it was an uncut unprepared piece of fish, imported all the way from....I forgot which country....which JS drove to pick up from the licensed importer in town.

Then that very same morning, Monkey drove I Ching to the nearest Japanese restaurant in Ipoh to have it prepared - guts and scales removed, prepared in sashimi cuts. Only a japanese chef can do it so effortlessly in within 15 minutes.

To consume, break the yolk and mix everything up including that small dollop of japanese mayonnaise. Hmmm JS, I think Chef Takashi would be very proud of you....hehehehehehe

There were about 8 adults and 3 kids....everyone gone so quickly. Paired so well with the bottles and bottles of Montrachet...aiks I forgot to snap pic of our drinks that evening.

Next was a simple pasta prepared from leftovers from the fridge - bacons.
Don't ask me why but ask JS. Why prepare non-chinese food during Chinese New Year???
simple....everyone was so sick of chinese food!!!!!

Home cooked Shark Fin soup in clear seafood broth. Double boiled for hours.
I Ching prepared one portion like this per person. That's a lot of work!!!!
but the efforts really paid off bcoz it was so yummylicious and different compared to restaurants.

My favourite dish, Chinese Mustard cooked sour and spicy style
I Ching made this from scratch with roasted pig trotter instead of leftovers. So the flavour is more intense and rich. Even its gravy is so thick!!!

every Chinese New Year, these leeks are a must. Here stir fried with roast pork. Not many ppl touched this dish bcoz most of them were sick of chinese food for the last week!!!!
My objectives were chinese food....so all chinese dishes were mine mine MINE!!!!

I don't know if this is a chinese new year dish or not but it was by request hehehehehe
Pork trotter braised in black vinegar and ginger!!!!

this is the ultimate free range CASTRATED chicken
yes poor thing....but it's suppose to give it a much more delicate taste with a tender texture.
and again this dish was mine mine MINE!!!!

Finally some vege - stir fried long beans with minced pork in sweet soya sauce
In Ipoh each restaurant has got their own special soya sauce, mostly prepared with honey to give it that sweetness. So we usually buy soya sauce from these restaurants for its distinctive taste.

JS and I Ching
the two chefs were bz cooking non stop whipping up course after course
I was bz too....chomping and mopping plates after plates of food....hehehehehehehehe....

Deep Fried Jack Fruit!!!
another favourite of mine!!!!!!
I felt like it was my Birthday!!!!! Hua hua hua :))))))))))))))))

Sweet and juicy on the inside
Do u know that u can actually consume the seed? It has got a nutty almost macadmia nut liked taste and texture. Only better!!!! heheheheh

The other must have for Chinese New Year are Nian Gao
glutinous rice cakes are sandwiched between yam or sweet potatoes, and deep fried coated with a light batter.

I really really felt it was MY BIRTHDAY
all my favourite food :)))))))
and favourite wines too...*aiks forgot to snap pix*

Thank you I Ching and JS for cooking
we should do this more often hehehehehehehehe


Anonymous said...

Chinese Mustard cooked sour and spicy style, my favorite! Really appetizing..esp. the gravy! hehe...

Chasing Food Dreams said...

the shark fin looked like a beautiful choker to wear.. lol...

I think my favorite of the lot was the leeks & fried nian gao!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: Yes!! it's comfort food right? :)

Food Dreams: I never thought of it as a choker but you are right :) My friend said it looked like a heart shaped sharkfins hahaha