Sunday, February 03, 2013

The JOY of prosperity

This was something that I looked fwd to every single year around Chinese New Year. Prosperity meal is only available for a limited certain year it did ran out of stock and I was in dismayed :"((

so in order not to miss this Monkey got to have it before Chinese New Year at least once a year. Not having prosperity meal is even WORSE than missing my "tong yuen" every year during the chinese winter solstice celebration.

only a few weeks ago, Monkey found out JS NEVER HAD ANY PROSPERITY burger before.


"WHAT?!?!!?!?! U never have that before?????? NEVER EVER????"
JS >.<

so Monkey decided to broaden JS's horizon, esp when it comes to fast food :P hehehehehe
JS treats his body like a fast food, no carbonated drinks, no sweets stuffs, no midnight suppers, no snackings and the list goes on~~~~and I brought him to McDonald's a few hours ago.

All the posters plastered at the outlet were promoting the Double Meat Patty Prosperity burger...but Monkey bought the regular single one.....just in case he didn't like it.

As we ate in glee....ok prollie only me eating in glee :P wuahahahahha
JS complained, how come his burger has got only single meat patty???

in the end and he conquered that both the curly fries and prosperity burger were delicious!!!! Now I have someone to share my prosperity meals with :))))

so Go and share the prosperity JOY


Anonymous said...

Yay! Prosperity Burger is a must have during or b4 CNY! Yummsss

Chasing Food Dreams said...

aw... so it is concluded that he likes the Prosperity Burger then?? :)

i have yet to taste this for 2013... lol...

CHER-RY said...

yup!!! the yummiest burger fr McD hehehehe...and yes HE LURVED IT!!!