Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day

*pic stolen from innfitters*

I'm not yours and you are not mine
will you be my Anti-Valentine???

okie I better not spoil the air, mood and ambience out there
esp for those lovey dovey couples

doesn't matter if u are single or married
gay, lesbian or bisexual
animals or cactus
one thing for sure....LOVE is very powerful

so spread your LOVE not just on this day...14th of February
but every single day
As for u...JS......we gonna grow old like this
nyek nyek nyek

I know u'll continue mocking me everyday every hour
imitating all my super irritating habits and behaviors that irks u
*or was it me doin that to u??? >.<*
aiya...whichever way doesn't matter lar....heheheheh right??? rite????
u with me??? hehehehehehehehehehehehehe

sorry u are sooooooo stucked with this Monkey
tee hee heee

so tonite u are cooking
hehehehehhehehehehhe and as usual I'll do the dishes
let's hope I don't pretend to be drunk on the sofa and u end up having to do everything

Happy Valentine's day folks
and Happy Anti-Valentine's Day to the rest


Chasing Food Dreams said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you Both!!

as I have said before..romantic lah you both in yr own notti way... ;0)

Melissa said...

Hahahaha....so funny yet lovely..
Wish you both Happy Valentine Day ;-)

js said...

Happy valentines day food dream and Melissa :)

CHER-RY said...

Happy Valentine's Day and spread the love everyday!!!