Monday, February 27, 2012

Tung Po Seafood Dai Pai Dong, Hong Kong

Beautiful sunset overlooking Elements Hong Kong
it is the tallest building in HK now
with a few 5 stars hotels attached to suits and a huge mall downstairs

Elements derived the chinese feng shui of 5 elements
so the design of the entire place was based solely on these

it's wonderful when u catch sunset at different parts of the world
each city is unique with its scenery and silhouette of buildings

we were invited over for dinner by LVMH Pat and her family at this Dai Pai Dong at North Point
located at Java is on the top floor of a market catered for this area

upon reaching this Dai Pai Dong area....the scene were as busy as any market early in the morning
customers calling for orders, staffs yelling to speed things up
all in a very organised chaotic manners
and I must say pretty polite for a place like this

Helloooo My name is spotty....wat's yours???
or is tat a mirror I am looking at???

We headed to Tung Po at the other corner - the famous restaurant along this stretch of Dai Pai Dong on the 2nd floor.

the term Dai Pai Dong literally translates to Big Signage Shop
in Hong Kong, Dai Pai Dong refers to cooked food stalls
in today's modernised Cosmo Hong Kong, Dai Pai Dong are pretty scarce...
yes SCARCE esp good ones like this...

so now back to my post
and please hold ur breathe...
if u are hungry dun blame me....blame the Dai Pai Dongs
*hiak hiak hiak*
Prollie we have the "tourist" face/look...once we were there....
the staffs whisked us into a special room
one and only at Tung Po

the gang already hungry-ly waiting

YAYYY there's ENGLISH on its menu
we were quickly fed this cold appetizer of yummy crunchy cucumber and blanched squid with wasabi mayo
topped with toasted sesame seed
simple and good...
think this will make a yummy starter for our next dinner party :)))))
before we know it...
the owner came over to "kanpei" us

Tung Po
has got all sorts of beer...from dry to sweet
made in China to Japan and even Singapore
so we had beer from Harbin to Asahi
bottom's up!!!!
next on the table was this huge bamboo tray of steamed clams with ginger
all wrapped in lotus leaf
when unveiled~~~
the nose was....

gone in seconds
sorry, we just got out fr the jail

sweet juicy and succulent
think we could have gone for a 2nd tray
homemade fishballs and toufu soup for the kids
but somehow the adults whacked everything meant for the kids
poor wonder they had to resort to cookies at the end of the meals
a very good Squid Ink pasta
yea pasta at a dai pai dong

since this place specialised in seafood, they used really fresh squid ink to make these
not many places can do a good squid ink pasta these days
either they used processed ink or smellie few days old ink
the color came fr the black ink sac of a squid
with tomato base and crunchy sauteed squid :))))))))))
it was still Winter in Hong Kong
so any pot of soup is welcome
LV Elaine was craving for sweet and sour pork again
this dish is very GuangDong
and each restaurant we went to has got their own signature style
first the belly pork are alwiz used
deep fried to golden brown in their secret recipe flour
just like any good has to be treated with respect
so SAUCE alwiz on the SIDE!!!!
but then the hungry prisoners aka US didn't want the hassle
of dipping the crispy fried pork belly on the side elegantly...
so the whole bowl of sauce went in
wooohooo HAPPY DAYS!!!!!
this is like comfort food
anytime anyday
alwiz welcome :)))))))))))
OMG wat is he cooking I WANT!!!!!
these days, very seldom u see cooks chop this ferociously with 2 choppers!!!
hey's just chives...

such rhythm only a drummer can understand
the beat was so contagious...and before I knew it..i was bz chopping to his beat at the back of my head -_-
WAHHHH wat's that???? I WANT!!!!
well lucky Monkey.........watever I get :)))))))
the grilled chicken was TO DIE FOR!!!!!! served on its own with a squeeze of a lemon
slow grilled on open amber fire
its meat was moist and juicy with fats oozing out ocassionally
while its skin was thin and CRISPY
JS!!! u missed out big u know....must learn to eat poultry ok???

during a cold winter....the sight of hotpots are like Monkey spotting that limited edition of a handbag

ohhhhhh ecstatic!!!!
Mixed Waxed Meat cooked with Taro = yam
it's a different type of yam with the thick fluffy-ness innit
it also thickens up its gravy
so appetizing :))))))))))))))

there's really a lot of waxed meat innit :))))))))))
u dun get this often coz only during Winter, there's waxed meat for sale

Baby Pok Choy cooked with golden garlic
thickened with egg yolk only sauce
with a few dash of chinese wine
I was bz drinking its gravy :P

the STAR DISH of the nite was this....
so beautiful and so strange coz I've never eaten this
ooooo wat is this???
garnished with all the ferociously chopped herbs

then we inspected and admired this dish for a while
Big Head Prawns with crispy fried noodles cooked in onion sauce
my Lord~~~~~~~ it was the yummiest thing ever!!!!
the big head prawns were sweet and got even sweeter coz they were cooked with a lot a lot a lot
and tonnes of onions
the sauce were so sweet with the loaded caramelised onions innit
and the Cook had to add more onions, those that u can see coz the rest were caramelised...GONE

on its based was crispy fried bee hoon
the Cook was sure that customers would fight for he actually cut the base like a pizza
so each person has got a portion of fried bee hoon *the size of a slice of pizza*

*smacking lips*
and lastly to feed those Hungry Carbo Prisoners/ ex-convicts
*food convicts*
steamed rice with a lot of goodies innit, wrapped in lotus leaf
so cozy to dine here
and my first time dining on a typical Square Chinese table like this
on a stool :))))))))))))))
drinking beer from a bowl
before we know it....Tung Po's owner pulled Herm C for a Harbin Beer challenge on the outside
with the other patrons
and he WON!!!!!
this guy is a beer chugger!!!!
so a small bowl is nothing...
Dessert was so bowl ain't enuff
boiled sweet potatoes in freshly grated ginger juice
there's so much of ginger juice that u can feel the heat as u eat
definitely yummy and comforting for winter day like this
Baby K couldn't have it...
it's too spicy for a 18 month old :))))

she kept on asking: "Nice?? Nice?? Nice??"
she's such a darling and made me sayang her so much
pointing to my dress and say..."NICE!!!!!"
yea I'm easily bought over -_-
after hours of dining, it's time to head .....
nope...not home
but SUPPER!!!!

hahahah as the saying goes...Hong Kong is a City that Never Sleeps
so were our stomachs
hiak hiak hiak

Must go whenever u are in Hong Kong ok :))

Tung Po Seafood Dai Pai Dong
2/F Java Road Municipal Services Building,
North Point,
Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2880 9399


Tsu Lin + + said...

Must bookmark this place when I visit HK next time.

Chasing Food Dreams said...

I saw this place on a TV show before... forgot which one but it was also highly recommended!

Another place added to my wish list!! :0)

CHER-RY said...

yes must go!!!! :)))) simple and very good food :)))