Friday, February 17, 2012

Object of Desire 0014

GAH!!! I WANT!!!!!!!!

I seriously really need another pair of RED SUEDE shoes
how could anyone NOT fall in lurve with these?????

hmmm I've already have Fuchsia, Blue, Turqoise, Brown suede shoes but not RED yet
that's a very good excuse
now........if only I could squeeze in one more pair into my sardine-can-shoe-rack
last week I bought 3 more pairs of shoes *I forgot!!!!*

seriously....I need a bigger shoe rack/robe
new project for me :))))))))))))))
home improvement
tee hee hee~~~~

Happy Friday folks!!!!

For more information on this beautiful pair of killer heels, log on to:


neil said...

What a vibrant shade! They'll look excellent on you... so, yea, this pair you totally *should* get! :P

May Ng said...

hehehe Hot Chili Red! I like it too :)

I'm desperately looking for a pair of Nude heels!!

My mummy said I cannot buy shoes until CNY is over..

hehe superstitious hor?

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: am trying to calculate if my harvest from "Ang Pow" funds enuff for this pair or not....:"((

May: Hello :)))) how have u been? I bought a pair of Nude heels last week :D at NewLook Singapore. But why kenot buy shoes yea??? share a bit :)))

May Ng said...

Hi Cherry!! I've been really busy lately, have different job scope now.. so meaning got more responsibilities now :)

So far, my astrology for this year is quite accurate =p

Well,the word "shoes" in chinese is "Hai", sounds like the meaning 'sigh' = 'bitter life'

Too bad we don't have new look here! But H&M is coming in~~ Woo hoo!!

CHER-RY said...

Hi May :)))

More responsibilities is good, translates to new portfolio. In life one must alwiz move fwd learning new things. Everyday is a learning curve :)))))

oooo I never heard bout the shoe story, thanks for sharing.

yep H&M will be located at Lot 10, Bkt Bintang taking over Debenhams.