Friday, February 24, 2012

Mak's Noodle revisited......

hahahahha I can never ever get enuff of Mak's Noodle
so after our 1st brunch at Tsim Chai Kee....we crossed the narrow street to Mak's

there were so many mixed reviews of this place...
well everyone's palate is so different rite?

I was so mesmerised by HIM separating the huge bundle of really fine noodles into individual portion
the noodles were so fine and elegant as he pulled them up
just like strings on a harp

it's as fine as angel's hair/ cappelinni
the finest pasta in Italy

if only Mak's sell fresh noodles for me to take home to Malaysia
then the possibilities of doin it Italian way or any way u want it
*more like JS's way.....sambal belacan and chilis*

most customers had been complaining about its portion and size
it's half the size compared to Tsim Chai Kee but 1.5x the price
hence Mak's Noodle is popularly known as Stingy Mak

I supposed there's alwiz a reason for that
good things come in small portion remember???

also the noodles are so fine, if u have a HUGE bowl, by the time u are indulging the last bit, the noodles would have gone soft....rite rite rite???

also if u have smaller portion, u can try the other different noodles served here
rite rite rite???
*at this point, guess I m only convincing myself -_-*
guess this place is only meant for greedy ppl like me?
I dun eat a lot but I lurve VARIETIES~~~~~~~

VARIETIES~~~~~ ho ho ho ho ho ho ho~~~~~
a standard bowl of wan tan noodle, beef tendon noodle and dry wan tan noodle with shrimp roes

only Herm C & LV Elaine hopped over to Mak's noodle with Monkey
the rest of the gang decided it's too much

see i told u so!!!
*Oh how I lurve this phrase coz HE uses it ALL the time on me*
OH MY~~~~~ yummy and to die for
the tendon were so soft...and jelly-liked
cooked in a superb imperial beef broth
very very tasty!!!
my favourite was this.......wan tan noodle with a huge dash of shrimp roes
so yumSS!!!
with loads of "umami" flavour innit
so now..the comparison of Mak's Noodle vs Tsim Chai Kee
the winner is.......
now I wished I could just grab my own personal bowl and chopstick...
have a bundle of Mak's stringy chewy yummy fine noodles
cross the road
and add Tsim Chai Kee's yummy shrimp broth into my bowl....
then walk back to Mak's to get more yummylicious wan tans...and sprinkle some shrimp roe on top...maybe add a few pieces of beef n there
finally....over to Tsim Chai Kee to chomp my superb bowl down coz they have a better dining ambience

*big grin*
so folks...if u r heading to Hong Kong
don't forget to visit both
only at non-peak hours...
else u'll get noodles barely meeting your expectation
coz they had to cater to hungry angry customers fast and forgo the quality

after all each individual is unique...
in terms of palate...
wat works for me may not for u
*but if it's ain't won't be on this blog*

Mak's Noodle,
77 Wellington Street,
Central Hong Kong,
Tel: +852 2584 3810


Chasing Food Dreams said...

I would do exactly the same as you... try both since I m there on holiday, of course I wanna eat all I can... kakakaka

I m definately marking both down for a visit... especially when I see the shrimp roes... curious about this noodle alot but never tried it!

Have a great weekend! ;0)

js said...

Food dreams n monkey as well........ A suggestion for u. Buy a bowl of "1 tonne" noodles from each shop n eat both bowls outside on the walkway n do your reviews :))

neil said...

JS, your Monkey seriously damn can eat! Hahaha :P

*MUAKS* Bee Ree :X

Chasing Food Dreams said...

JS: dun let Cherry and me ever meet, you will need a plyer to pry us apart during food... kakaka :P

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: Well *ahem* u know me since errr 14 years ago....u already knew damn well I CAN EAT

Food Dreams: oh yes!!! we'll click and eat so well...and set the house on fire...hahahahahaha :P JS is so gonna regret it....