Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tim's Kitchen *2 Michelin Star*, Hong Kong

Berr & Labbit enjoying their view of Happy Valley Horse Race Course
the world most famous avenue for horse racing...or should I say gambling??

wat u guys lookin at? there's no races on a Monday ok? Uncle Taxi Driver said it's on every Wednesdays and Sundays
well look like they have to be stationed here while we go out to nom nom nom
Hong Kong is a very dangerous place esp for cute animals like them....hahahahahaha
I noticed Berr has got a big ass
:P pppffffttttttttttttt
anyway our room has got a full view of Happy Valley Horse Race Course

nope we didn't watch any races though we stayed in Hong Kong for a week
time were very well spent stuffing our faces with food... *ok ok ok only mine*
Tim's Kitchen has evolved so much
but then it's food is still the same
started as a lil outlet squeezed in between a row of shops at Jervois Street
they are not HUGE stretching a few lots along a better address

from 6 tables at Jervois Street
they are now a tall 3 floors 3 shoplots establishment
see wat I mean?????
our first visit to Tim's Kitchen was 4 years ago
then they have got only One Michelin Star

It wasn't easy to find because its' chinese name has got nothing to do with "Tim" or "Kitchen"
we had a hilarious time 4 years then locating its small outlet

even today...u can't mention Tim's Kitchen...coz the cabbie won't know
u'll need the chinese name...which was some dunno wat flower or was it garden???

aaahhhh!!! I recognised the middle's FLOWER!!!!
why do the Chinese loves to complicate things??

Baby K joined us for dinner
and Wan Tan Noodle is her favourite
not just any wan tan noodle but it has got to be top quality
well thanks to intensive palate training for her parents

Friends from Australia - LV Elaine and Herm C
out of 6 adults and a child *okie maybe minus the baby*
only Herm C speaks good cantonese
he READS and WRITES chinese perfectly
10 points!!!!!

and he was appointed our unofficial translator for the entire trip
very very important especially in deciphering MENUS

amuse bouche of duck/goose with springs onions, carrots, turnips wrapped in paper thin toufu skin
it looked OK-OK-ONLY but surprisingly yummy!!!!

the other appetizer was this crunchy I forgot wat with sliced prawns
a few days later, we bought those sliced dried prawns at a fishing village
it's really tasty esp if u dunk them into ur soup

I volcano-boiled all my soup with these dried sliced prawns + other ingredients
it brings out the intensity and flavour of the soup
so small and yet so "deadly-intense" hahahahaha

Braised Crab pincer with slow stewed winter melon
one of Tim's Kitchen signature dishes

I like it coz there's no shell to peel :))))
ho ho ho ho ho !!!!!
however the melt-in-ur-mouth winter melon stole the show this time around

the other must try dish is super crunchy glass prawns with chinese ham
it came with 2 different dipping sauce

4 years ago we tried these 2 as well
its palate and texture remains...
clean and unpolluted taste profile
guess this was the philosophy of the chef

braised pomelo skin with har chee sauce
Hongkies lurve their pomelo skin
which is like by-product here in Malaysia

it has got no taste, hence it relied a lot on its sauce
but the braised pomelo skin has got really good texture
almost like sinking ur teeth into pork trotter

the Head Waiter recommended homemade toufu for Baby K
which ended up in all the adults' stomach.....
hey it's for the baby!!!!
guess I better keep quiet coz I had a wholesome lots too :P

FAT Turbot fish
it's really huge...perfectly steamed in light soy sauce
very delicate but very expensive
this fish alone is the of the same price of all the other dishes put together
or I should say it's half the total bill

LV Elaine requested for Sweet & Sour Pork
she's been craving for this

look at its texture
equal amount of fat and meat
wrapped in a crispy crunchy skin

after the sweet & sour pork fix, LV Elaine looked so contented....
it was like.....FINALLY!!!! I GET TO EAT THIS!!!!!

lurve their Dou Miao aka snow pea shoots
there's more leaves than the stalks
Finally nothing is complete without the famous fried rice with egg white
it's like comfort food~~~~
esp to those Carb Eaters like JS
I would say this place was a bit over-rated for 2 Michelin Stars
prollie our expectations were much higher
however it has maintained its authenticity despite its huge expansion and commercialization process
*Read bout our 1st visit 4 years ago here*

since we didn't have any desserts.....
tee hee hee
we walked over to Honeymoon Desserts which was just across the street
hiak hiak hiak

despite hugging our stomachs and said we were full
4 yummylicious desserts popped out of nowhere
while JS & Herm C looked at the ladies in exasperation
then we boarded the last train home with very very happy and contented faces

told u this is a food trip
not shopping
well somehow we still found some time to shop
tee hee hee hee....
more to come on our Hong Kong trip soon

Tim's Kitchen *2 Michelin Stars*Shop A & 1/F 84-90,
Bonham Strand,
Sheung Wan,
Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2543 5919


Chasing Food Dreams said...

Sweet & sour pork!!!!! tat nice crab claw......pomelo skin....what a find! A fusion twist in Chinese cuisine..

How do you & JS always find these places? :0)

CHER-RY said...

hmmmm through readings, friends' recommendations, blogs etc

yeah sweet & sour simple and yet so fav since I was a lil gal :D