Wednesday, February 22, 2012

China Club, Hong Kong

JS and his not-so-cute lion
u must touch his ding dong bell for good luck

China Club is an exclusive members-only club
situated on the top 3 floors of Old Bank of China building
which was just a few stones throw away fr HSBC Building

there's a dress code which guests need to adhere to
but thank gawd nobody stopped us coz we were in jeans :P

set in the 1930's Shanghainese style club it's all chic and such a delight to be here
we were transformed back in time with all the beautiful decos
even the waiting staff has got a shanghainese look uniform

the main dining hall at the 13th Floor

thanks to LVMH Pat we got a reservation here
coz China Club is not open to public
wat's more curious tourists like us....hahahahahaha

WAHHHH Lau Foo Tzi!!!! Old Master Q
I grew up with this comic
though I can't read chinese but it's just so farnie to look at the comic and still be able to understand it

Suddenly I missed reading Old Master Q
in today's hectic life, too many things to time
inclusive of all the fine prints, terms and conditions, contracts, lawyers' letters, agreements.....GAH so much of reading to do!!!!!!! they are like stacks ok....not in pages!!!! all drafted by lawyers...I don't envy u lawyers out there, but why do u like to make life so complicated and kiasu???
Let's not talk about work here....
a snippet of Old Master Q comic
see u dunnit to understand chinese to enjoy it....tee hee hee

our private room is on the 15th floor
so we need to climb the steps till the top

pic taken after our brunch
I just wanna show u the beautiful art pieces and paintings by chinese artists from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan
some has got big names while some artists are emerging ones

Ta-DA!!!! our private room was so beautiful :))))))))))
lurve the fuchsia cushion seats on the wooden chair

I dunno how did those ppl sat on those hard wooden chairs during the olden days time
or prollie their asses were so thick, it doubled up as cushion??
well fr wat I gathered during all my museums visits....those hundred years old painting depicted FAT ppl...really plump and round and tiny
either all painters around the world were so infatuated with FAT ppl or
olden days ppl WERE FAT
but wat I heard was FAT = FERTILE = PROSPEROUS

I m totally the opposite
I have hollow legs...never get fat despite the amt of food I stuffed into my face
I m not fertile coz all I have now is my Berr darlin :))))))
definitely not prosperous coz all my $$$$ went to bags, shoes, food, wine, travel

our private room came with a reading area
and a cute dialing phone
any of u out there used this type of phone before???
where u stick ur lil fingers into the hole and wind it clockwise until the dent that stops u
one number at a time the time i finished dialing any type of emergency would have escalated

WOW a double fan!!! for double action!!!!
so cute :)))))))))))

wat a perfect setting
this private room also came with a private marble bath and washroom
it also overlook out to the harbour of Hong Kong
the menus looked so colourful and pretty :))))))))))))))
we were so happy coz there's ENGLISH in the menu
steamed Shanghainese dumplings - xiao loong bao
all in their individual basket

we decided not to order too much of food coz this was Brunch
and we have a huge dinner to follow suit
not to mention tea and snacks in between
LV Elaine was craving for Macaronis
this wasn't in the menu...specially made for her
typical Tai Ping Koon styled breakfast

Tai Ping Koon is actually another restaurant
that served Western HK styled food
this type of cuisine was especially created during the British colonial time
food such as Swiss sauce chicken wings, dried fried beef hor fun, baked crabmeat in shell
*it's like Malaysian Hainanese food such as Hainanese chicken rice and hainanese chicken/pork chop, Hainanese pork bun*
and now back to that bowl of macaronis with crispy pan fried luncheon meat
was so yummy we had 2nd helpings
the green peas was an add-on coz usually they don't
but it's good coz it's FRESH PEAS fr the pods
u can taste the difference

handmade noodles in a yummy broth served with Shanghainese Ham
this was really good too
the broth was clear and packed with flavours
my beloved Char Siew Paos
soft and fluffy
sweet and savoury on the inside
no Dim Sum is complete without Har Kow
steamed crunchy crystal prawns in even more crystal thin glutinous rice sheets
in each har kow there's 2 crunchy prawns...:))))))))
with such fresh artisan dim sauce needed to consume them

with Har Kow, there's alwiz Siew Mai
this one was special, with a piece of Wolfberry = Goji Berry = Kei Chi
inside the siew mai, there's more prawns and minced pork
we had congee everyday in Hong Kong
from breakfast till supper :P
coz it's just too good
Kah Li Yu Tan = Fish Balls in curry
another streetfood of Hong Kong made an appearance here in China Club :P
this one was really good bcoz the curry was awesome
this one was not ur typical usual cheong fun

there's Yu Tiao = cullers inside
so u get a silky smooth cheong fun on the outside
then u bite into the crispy really crispy yu tiao
dried shrimps cheong fun
the concept here is really clean
China Club serves their cheong fun with sauce on the side
so the sweet soya sauce and chili oil were served separately
steamed phoenix claws = chicken feet and pork ribs
since the concept is's not ladden with a lot of black bean sauce
just some hint to elevate the flavours so u can still enjoy the true taste of its fresh ingredients
minced beef balls with chestnuts and salted vege
it's really good coz there's no flour added
deep fried yam puffs were so crispy...
well wait till u see its inside
my lord.....wat the hell is inside?!?!?!
no wonder it's soooooo GOOOD and YUMMMYYY!!!!!
soft, juicy with a crispy crust
steamed glutinous rice in lotus leaf
with shrimp paste, dried scallops and some dried seafood inside
very very tasty!!!!
Snow Pea Shoots!!!!

Last nite JS cooked this for dinner
now u can buy snow pea shoots at Village Grocer
*but they are really expensive......-_- *
Snow Pea shoots grow very well during winter, even when they are covered in snow
last but no least....fried eggs with egg white and dried scallops with asparagus
this dish was specially ordered for carb eaters on the table
*well u know who*

I think I've forgot the pics of egg tarts here
anyway no desserts coz we headed elsewhere for more food :P
my face looked long but I was very eppy :P
*it's the camera lens*
the private lift was full of more Old Master Q
oh damn...I need to get hold of one copy today :)))
do u know where to get??

China Club

13/F, Old Bank of China Building,
Bank Street, Central,
Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2521 8888


licheng said...

Yu tiao cheong fun...hvnt seen those before. Everything looks so good!

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: yes only in Hong Kong...can't find in Msia too :))))

Chasing Food Dreams said...

oo.. saw this China club on a tv show... super exclusive! btw... how to be a member? just pay and join?

Fabulous ambience... checked!
Art and antiques... checked!
Lau Foo Tzi... my old-time favorite, double checked!!
Food... checked!

Nothing gets better than this.. :0)

choi yen said...

The appearance of the Master Q comic make me laugh out, I grew up with that too & still enjoy reading it now!

CHER-RY said...

Food Dreams: pay a one time fee and a monthly subscription...just like a Golf Club membership kinda thing. Nice ambience and impressive if u wanna bring gweilos here :)))) got stunning view at its Long Bar on the top floor.

Choi Yen: hello :D txs for dropping by. I lurve Old Master now searching for his cartoon (video). damn farnie....hahahhaha....