Wednesday, February 01, 2012

My 1st Rowing experience at Garden of Versailles

what a beautiful sight
the Grand Canal at Garden of Versailles
*yes only a canal not a lake nor river*

Built between 1668 to 1671, it was meant to be a canal for "Rowing Parties" during the King's time
the canal itself covers an area of 23 hectare
it measures 1.5km in length and 62 metres in width
seeing all the small white boats moving aimlessly on the Grand Canal, 
Monkey insisted she wanted a boat ride too

"I want I want I want!!!!"

it's not an expensive ride....but JS was crying inside...
wanna know why???
HE had to row the boat
well u lurve to exercise, so now is the opportunity
tee hee hee 
while I was enjoying the beautiful view, low sunshine, and watching other couples having their lil picnic onboard
aawwwwwww so romantic and sweet :)))))

but JS & Monkey are really not that a romantic couple
we are a damn-power-competitive couple
Seeing how JS maneuvered the lil boat so easily.....
"I wanna row I wanna row I wanna row!!!!!"
JS >.< 

after much unconvincing-convincing words of mine.....he finally had to let me....reluctantly....

so we shifted place....tried to balance the boat while we moved
and him holding on to the paddles as tightly as possible...
"Don't drop it or we'll need to row ourselves back with bare hands OK???"
"Okie dokie, JS don't u worry.....I've got this OK????"

JS then did his lil prayers and shut his eyes.....
hoooo yaaaa.....haiiiii yaaaaa...
huffed puffed.....
gawd the paddles are so heavy!!!!!!!!
JS: "Monkey....can u pls row straight?"
"there's isn't a rear view mirror how do u expect me to see??? grrrRRRRrrrrr?"

JS slaps forehead
JS: "Monkey.....pls look behind u......"


as usual Monkey blamed everything except herself
"Why is this wall here? GRRRRRRRR"

JS then offered to row the boat back to safety
"No no no.....u sit still there...I've got this...."

JS sat there in amusement
wondering how am I gonna solve this problem

I almost wanted to give up and walk out
but JS saved the day!!!!!
soon we were enjoying the beautiful scenery
basking in the afternoon son

clear blue sky
and seagulls flying around
rowing is hardwork man....

JS continued to smack his forehead
"Monkey, we are not moving at all....... "
JS -_-" big time

*yea...he's right, look at the sequence of pics of me huffing n puffing*

"it's the current!!!!! we are goin against the current..."
JS triple smacked forehead
"this isn't a river...there's no current my dear...."
ohhhh........ >.<
ya kar???

after much argument....
we exchanged roles again.....
JS rowed so professionally and fast....
he knew when to look back and steer to boat clear outta other inexperience rowers like me
Monkey is better off.....enjoying the scenery
and singing

ahahahahaahhaha yep I entertained him with a french my broken french
and the song has to go..."Je ne veux pais travailler~~~"
translates to "I don't want to go to work today...."

JS ~.~"
Whenever he's this HAPPY, I'm super duper EPPY!!!!!

this is how u should enjoy a lazy Sunday
go to the park
spend some time with loved ones

or chill out with ur mates...
doin catch-up
or just be like us...go row some boats

or go disturb some cute beautiful animals
mind u, they are HUGE
before my horrible french song can finish....JS rowed us back to the jetty already
on the background is the Palace of Versailles

extraordinary-ly beautiful!!!!!
no wonder it's the HOME of Marie Antoinette
ooooo come here kitty kitty~~~~
over here.....
 if this swan can talk....he'll go:
"I heard fr my mates, u did not feed them and they got cheated by ur hand gestures so u can have their photos taken........"
tee hee hee.....
and soon the 45 minutes ride was over :))))
but our visit at Palace of Versailles isn't over
for there's 800 ha of land for us to discover

there's still the Summer Palace of Marie Antoinette
and all the beautiful manicured gardens here
with its even more beautiful sculptures and fountains

to be continued again......

Je Ne Veux Pas Travailler.....
Je Ne Veux Pas Dejeuner~~~~
Je Veux Seulement T'oublier
et puis je Fume~


Loose said...

LOLS.. Couldn't stop laughing when I saw that pic of yours almost hitting the canal wall.. keke... Thanks for the morning smile.. =)

Anonymous said... are so funny...
I had a great luff reading ur post. not luffing at u ya..
Love your holidays!!
Wishing u Gong Hei Fatt Choy :)

CHER-RY said...

Loose: Gong xi Gong xi!!!! yeah nak "action: konon...well those man-ly thing should leave it to the man to do it...but I'm glad I tried it...great fun though it was tiring and the boat didn't move...wakakakakaka

Melissa: Xing nian Gwai Rerk, Hoong Pau nah lai!!!! ang pow aaaar...I m still eligible for it, don't forget bout me :)))

don't worry, I m oso luffing at myself :P WUUUAKAKAKAKAKKAKA

Chasing Food Dreams said...

Cherry & JS: I believe deep down.. you both are so romantic lah... practically seen the world together and watched so many sunsets.... if that is not romantic, then I *faint*.. kakaka :P

Love the series of both of you rowing.. almost like watch video with script!!

js said...

In the kampung we used to row dugged out canoes with single rowing with two paddles was quite a challenge :)

CHER-RY said...

Hello Food Dreams: watching sunset is not that romantic lar...maybe definition of romance varies hahahahaha.

yep despite the disagreement on board, it was an awesome ride :)))

May Ng said...

hahaha you are so cute and funny! This post made me laugh out loud, smile and relax. I love your comical writing style and also the pictures!

Romantic or not, at least both of you were spending time together, right?!

Have fun in the lion city :D

CHER-RY said...

Hello May!!!! :))))
You are definitely right, Life is too short to define every single moment - to be romantic or not...Cheers!!!