Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ho Hung Kee, Hong Kong *One Michelin Star*

this place has got A STAR!!!!!
Ho Hung Kee was awarded ONE MICHELIN STAR on Dec 2011

well I will definitely blog about it again...coz we came here like ermm...
almost everynite for supper????
so today's posting will only consist of a few pics...
more to be edited...*GAH!!!!*
mis-en-place on every dining table
Ho Hung Kee is your usual casual fuss free won ton noodle shop
with uncles and aunties in white uniform serving u yummy food in a loud atmosphere

since it's like walking distance fr our hotel....
it's like a bedtime prayers thingy....must do before we zzzZZZzzzz

this place is famous for Congee and Won Ton noodle
from its ONLY Chinese menu, Herm C deciphered like 30 types of congee to us
by the time he's done and catching his breath...we kinda forgotten the list only remembering the last few and got him to repeat again.

they have congee ranging from ABALONE to pig's liver & kidney
to fish and shellfish, to other spare parts and meats

the combination of different ingredients were endless hence the 30 over types
and for the first nite, we tried the usual traditional pork and century egg congee
congee was superb silky smooth
we were contemplating only a bowl after our HUGE dinner at dai pai dong
but after the first bowl......came the next
and ended up with 3

since we can't load anymore carbo, we had dumplings instead
well guess it's just excuses....sigh
notice the spring-onion-looked-alike greens floating on top
those are chinese chives....HongKies tend to use this a lot in their cooking

Dumplings were yummy with crunchylicious prawns
and julienned crispy wood-fungus
it gives the dumplings really good texture
then we saw next table having dry fried noodles
so much for a token supper

we were chow-ing food like prisoners again
initially we ordered the famous Sliced Beef Fried Rice Noodle
but they ran out of rice noodle and substituted with mee hoon

nevertheless it was SUPERB
highly recommended
must try this fried noodle
best drink to pair with any fried noodles

so if u are in Hong Kong, make ur way to Ho Hung Kee
coz if I can go there to chomp my way every nite...u can too.

Ho Hung Kee
2 Sharp Street East,
Causeway Bay,
Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2577 6558


Chasing Food Dreams said...

the beef noodle looked awesome... no wonder you add order... btw.. I also always spy at what the next few tables are eating... :P

js said...

Hye food dreams. Actually we wanted beef kway teoh but it's kind of late and no more kway teoh so the staff recommended us to try beef beehoon instead....actually it tasted better than kway teoh!! :)

CHER-RY said...

the bee hoon and beef has got a lot of "wok hei"