Monday, September 07, 2009

YM's Birthday at Sage

It was a nite of celebration
of many things :))))
from Birthday to Friendship to Life
and good food of coz
sweet Japanese tomatoes with caviar
BFF YM had a seared foie gas with Tempura of Avocados and french beans
Monkey and her favourite beef consomme with wagyu
chapon!!!! with lotsa truffles
haven't been seeing this for quite some time
chapon = virgin chicken fr France
its meat is smooth and tender with a total different taste all together
*yea coz it's a virgin :P*
for a change, I had the confit of salmon and fennel salad
pressie time :)))))
BFF YM being her usual proper self unwrapped the gift in such a gentle manner
*Totally the opposite of me :P*
look!!! it's a Kate Spade Butterfly pouch
hehehehehehehehe Monkey also got a gift fr BFF YM
she's such a darl and so thoughtful at all time
am waiting for u obtain your "Permanent-Head-Damage" aka PHD soon!!!
*I am darn sure your head is not damage yet*
dessert of yummy apple and almond ice cream
it's great catching up again
can't wait to see u next weekend

as u can see BFF YM is so different fr Monkey eh?
yes in any "ship" fr friendship to relationship, u need to have yin yang


YM said...

thanks for that great night YC.. hugsss... cant wait to cya this saturday too... *winkz*

CHER-RY said...

YM: It's my pleasure :)))))))))))