Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Curry Noodle Day 2, Ipoh

Before I even begin,
if u are hungry....go and grab some food before u read this.
*oh damn I'm so hungry now*
I lurve curry noodles since I was a kiddo
*yes I eat chili since I was in kindergarten*
so for Day 2, we headed for brunch at this place I dunno where the heck it was in Ipoh

The curry noodle here is the "dry" type
since it's dry minus the soap, I opted for mihun only
with lots of crunchy refreshing beans sprouts and fresh mint leaves.
it comes with a dipping sauce too
but sorry folks, coz Prince C ordered something outta box...
dipping sauce with half cooked cockerels innit.

For those who dun eat, it can be quite disgusting
mixing the blood + sauce
:P bluek!!!!
you can order their famous steamed chicken in a special sauce
the meat was cooked to perfection, just right and tender
and its sauce has sesame oil innit.
but the highlight has to be its condiments
deep fried chicken wings and pork ribs in a special batter
marinated in "lam yee"

lam yee = preserved fermented beancurd = chinese cheese
up close up close up close

ohhhh damn where can I get these in KL???
curry noodle with all the wonderful condiments and spices.



js said...

this place is situated on jalan pasir putih just after a caltex station.....i prefer the one at the roundabout along jalan kampar.

CHER-RY said...

I prefer this one actually :)