Friday, September 18, 2009

San Ho's Secret playground

San Ho has a beautiful huge home
he has so many rooms and extra rooms for recreational
with a huge play room on the attic
and a pool on the roof
and a sauna

even the children has their own huge classroom
yea not study room but CLASSROOM at home!!!!

but today I wanna show you his own playground.....
nyek nyek nyek
this was the theatre room and the kids were watching some nice show
when Uncle SW came...
switched on the lights...and interrupted their cartoons

above picture was showing Uncle SW trying to look for the secret button
to another room
still pressing and tapping
tap tap tap
knock knock knock
SW: "AAAAAaaaa I found it!!!!"
Monkey faints
I wondered how many bottles are in this lil hidden playground of his
Monkey's heart was skipping at 210km/h at this juncture
and wanted to scream like Heineken's TVC
"I wanna stay in this room for a while and enjoy the view"
after 5 minutes....all of us were skipping out
coz it was sooooo cold~~~~ BRRRRR~~~~
a very well kept 1964 Italian
another 1964....
hmmm I should start keeping 1980 too
all my favourites are on this crate
I wanna smuggle home

really amazing collection San Ho have there
I wondered if he has an inventory system to maintain his winelist

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