Friday, September 25, 2009

Boat ride to Manukan Island

weather was extremely lovely 
so Monkey & JS decided to go to Manukan island after breakfast
a lone yacht berthing at nowhere
u can catch a short boat ride to any of the island at Beach Bums in ShangRi-La Hotel
the one at Tanjung Aru
yes Kota Kinabalu has got 2 Shangri-la
return journey cost Rm 45 per person
Monkey grabbed a nice spot among the tourists
tourists with all the "han nyooo" and "kudasai"
the beginning of the journey was pleasant
but it was for 15 seconds only before it picked up speed
and the Japanese family behind me was screaming
but can't beat the Korean family with a boy who can really scream like a gal.

Hey relax!!! it's just a boat ride...
prollie just maybe the driver is a bit too ferocious
Hai Si Abang......can u slow down a bit and stop breaking the waves?
can't u see your passengers are screaming and shrieking at every break u make?
Monkey enjoying the SUN
Look at the poor japanese kid beside me
yes it was quite some ride and before I can laugh futher
I was too clinging onto the rail
1st stop was Mamutik Island...nobody disembark
oh the poor boy was in tears already
but still can't beat the Korean one at the front screaming like nobody's biz
hey mr. ferocious driver!!! It's destination
pls STOP!!!
oh yea....finally we are here :))))))
safe and sound
very sound!!!!!
Passenger......kindly remain at your seat till we are anchored
please have your safety jacket on....
*oppsss most of us were not with life jacket*

Thank you for riding with us, Beach Bums
and have a pleasant stay at Manukan Island

heheheh of coz there's no such annoucement

the bumpy ride breaking the waves was fun though!!!!

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