Thursday, September 10, 2009


well sometimes u need to have lil celebrations here n there
and inject excitement to your life
after all u chart your own destiny :)))))
dining at Sage is like a good treat on a Friday evening after a LONG LONG LONG WEEK

I know a few out there, told me Sage is my canteen
it's not even close to that :P
my canteen is erm my pantry? :D

It's such an enjoyment to have Chef Takashi back fr his summer holiday
when Monkey was dining with BFF YM......he was away.
trout fish jelly and caviar
warm salad of Muscovy with Summer Truffle dressing
okie mine came without the truffles
since it was a duck dish, JS dare not even come near to this plate
tagliolini pasta with King Crab and Negi
negi = leeks
lurve the egginess of the pasta YUM!!!!!
Ponsot has such rich history....go read bout it at
thank you for the wonderful wine yea :)))
Matelote of Unagi, Foie Gras and madeira
Chef's foie gras can never fail
*ohhhh watch the cholesterol level laydee!!!!*
this was my FAVOURITE
Roasted Suzuki with Oyster and Baby Spinach
the oyster was onliy SLIGHTLY cooked while retaining its sweetness and juiciness
Nee Lee this is for u :P
Wagyu Tenderloin with sauteed mushroom and yuzukoshou
can u see the marbling of fats??
*oh laydee!!! watch your cholesterol level kay?*
this dinner was on 31st u can imagine how much of stuffs yet to blog about
kyoho grape granite is a must have :))))))))))))
with vanilla beans innit
*all those tiny black specks*
Tiramisu is the name
yeah I know...deconstructed
the dark colored wafers were coffee wafers which melts in your mouth
tmrw is Friday!!!!
another evening to enjoy our good food and pamper our stomachs


neil said...

Nee Lee no want oysters...

The desserts made my mouth water though :P~

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: but the oysters very sedap wor