Thursday, September 03, 2009


JS & Si Fu spent quite some time at the Nespresso boutique at ION Orchard
sumore drank a few cuppa
*yes free*

both decided to get one each
monkey -_-"

"We are not gonna hand carry that to Msia."
JS: "It's very small!!!!! I will carry it, u dun have to hold anything."

"We dun have space at home!!!"
JS: "We'll find space."

"Our new home is not ready yet!!!!"
JS: "No...this will be the intermediate coffee machine."

anyhow the idea was scrapped while we were in Singapore..
however 2 nites ago during dinner
JS beaming with smiles.... told Monkey
"Our coffee machine is coming tmrw!!"

"waaaaa waaaa wat???"
JS: "It's on its way fr Singapore being shipped to KL. :)))))))))))"

Monkey T_T
haizzzz when there's a will there's a way
and so he got "Le Cube" model
that comes with cup warmer
he also bought a HUGE box of coffee capsules with multiple flavours and crus
*yea now we have gand cru coffees*
different color denotes diff beans fr diff part of the world
we took the decaff after dinner
another complimentary pack of capsules
and so JS proudly show me his one touch coffee making skill
okie i'm enjoying can't complain much...
JS made another cuppa for himself...
that's my CUP!!!! my Ritzenhoff cup with a girl's face!!!
*where can I get ritzenhoff in Msia?*


js said...

a few good reasons why you should get a nespresso machine viz a viz other type of coffee machines.

1. it's definitely cheaper than any standard coffee machine.
2. coffee is, you don't have to open a whole bag of vacumn/nitrogen sealed beans and drink till no more flavors and aromas.
3. nestle controls the sales of the coffee capsules through the internet......certainly a behavior of a company who is serious about product quality.
4. You can have a different grand cru coffee from different parts of the world everyday. they have 16 std flavors from ristretto to decafe.
5. The machine is easy to use. no complications and no moving parts(no grinder so less wear and tear).
6. the skimmer makes the perfect stiffest foam(mininum air bubbles) and that's what you need for a good cup of cappucino. Thats how you get good marbling.
7. in addition nespresso is part of nestle who owns nescafe the biggest producer of coffee in the world.
8. and nestle practices fair trade so the grower makes the bulk of the coffee margin and not some crafty sneaky middleman!!

to sum it all up, basically nespresso has re-defined coffee machines! They have also created a new lifestyle!!

CHER-RY said...

U can work at Nespresso dy :P

S-kee said...

thanks both of you for the intro and detailed explanation. i will be pleased to stopped by to further assess the machine... but i guess erm after another 6 month :((

CHER-RY said...

S-Kee: oh u soooo must go to their boutique at ION :))))