Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Curry Noodle Day 1, Ipoh

Dipping sauce for the curry noodle with tomato innit

It's surprising that Ipoh has so many different variety of the SAME NOODLE
yes Curry Noodle comes in all forms in Ipoh
with different dipping sauces, dry/soup, and differrent condiments
so on the 1st day in Ipoh for breakfast *before heading to Penang*
we had this Soupy Curry Noodle at old town
with a huge bowl of condiments
char siew, siew yoke *Roast Pork*, prawns, chicken, intestines, innards bla bla
one must order mihun mee *thin rice noodle and noodle*
so that the mihun will not soak up all its soup
garnished with a bit of mint leaves and lime

oh slurp slurp
I didn't finish the noodle but all its soup

Did I just ignited some Curry cravings in all of you?

1 comment:

js said...

The dipping sauce with the raw minced garlic added a different dimension to the curry noodles.....pungent but nice!!