Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre

We flew to Sandakan for a very importannt mission
to visit the Orang Utans!!!!!!

well for the was actually GOLF
Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre is set in a lushy forest reserve
spanning 4,300 hectares of land
visitors walked on the boardwalk built on top of the forest floor
so we do not touch/disturb/pollute the beautiful forest
wow~~~~ the trees are so tall....never seen them this tall before
Monkey: "QUICK!!! it's the feeding time....we have to go already!!!!"
AAAHHH~~~~~~~!!!!! ORANG UTAN!!!!
screamed Monkey Koh -_-

shhhhh u r suppose to keep quiet
these are "orphaned" baby orang utans
whom lost their mother in the fire/killings of orang utan by uncivilised barbarians
Look ma!!! I got 2 hands on the tree:P

they were taught here to fend for feed...
to build nest....
well basically survival skills so they can survive in the wild when they are released out to the forest

the only difference between human and these beautiful creature is only a DNA strand away!!!!
yea we are so close and yet so far....

Orang Utans have emotional feelings....they can feel sad and cry and be happy when they want to....
However the uncivilised barbarians who are so close and yet so far killed them for pleasure,
keep them as pets, burn them alive to make way in the forest for plantation.

Many rangers found a huge number of Orang Utans' corpses in the forest
some without head...
some burnt to death still clutching to their babies
hey look!! I can swing so fast and so agile!!!
I've never seen an animal luff like this...."hehehehe heheheheh"

they are so human-liked
and we are so ape-liked sometimes -_- or most of the times
this is wat I called - still luffing away
everyday at 10am and 3pm it's feeding time at the rehabilitation centre
the rangers will climb up to to a platform high on the tree
with milk and bananas
and also with a huge "SILENT" signage

then slowly the orang utans will swing and creep up for food
a few even swung down fr the tree
a huge array of tourists busy shooting with all the state of the art cameras

Orang Utans are native in Borneo Island
*just like how koala and kangaroos in Australia*

there are only 3 orang utan rehabilitation centre in the world...
2 in Kalimantan and 1 in our very own motherland.
this is a wild Macaque monkey and such a menace
I was so disappointed that the local visitors can't even differentiate between
Monkey and Orang Utan

It was obvious the size, outlook and color were different
but these local visitors can tell each other that they were different because:

1) Oh ini mesti penghulu, sebab itu saiznya lebih besar
*translated to this monkey must be Head of the pack because of its size*
I wanted to faint at this juncture and speak up my mind to educate these poor soul....but then again we were not allowed to make noise.

2) tengok dia dengan anaknya
*Look at its baby*
when all the orang utans here are brothers and sisters bcoz remember??? their mother were killed?!?!?!? HELLOO!!!!

3) Wah MONYET!!!! *and pointed to the Orang utan*
*translated to Look Monkey!!!*
I really wanted to open my already impatient mouth but then again, no point.....sigh...

prollie our education system or school should re-look at the science/biology textbooks.

my outmost complaint would be these local tourists were making so much of noise...
hellooo..pls use your brains...if u make too much of noise...these shy and delicate animals won't come out to feed!!!!

and pls do not come to a sanctuary in a long baju kurung and a kik kok high heels shoe!!!
u r not helping when u are kik kik kok kok here n there while u stomp around on the boardway!!!!
anyway back to this Menace Macaque Monkey
was trying so hard attacking the poor tourist...
I suppose he knows how to discriminate as he only attacked those with blonde hair
be it blonde men or women...

JS was standing still with his camera when it all happened
and i was busy pulling his shirt to step back but he didn't move an inch

JS: "U dun have to be scared.....when u are...your body emit a type of enzyme and the animal knows."

true enuff....when it got out of control....a ranger walked up to the Macaque Monkey
who was having a jolly great time then disturbing and attacking tourists who were running away helter skelter
in less than 5 seconds, the ferocious Macaque Monkey turned into a pussy cat and climbed up the tree

boss ar....your face is really terrifying lar....even the Macaque Monkey dare not attack u
that is why u are known as Terry the Terrorizer!!!!!
*luffing + rolling*
after an hour or so watching the wild orang utans and Macaque monkeys....
we continued our jungle trail
climbing plants
euuuuwwww...I hate snakes.....
can't believe it I'm posting the pic here....
all my hair stood up looking at this pic :P
JS proved he too can camouflage and blend in with the forest
wow....the roots are huge!!!!
erm...this Monkey with clothes trying to climb a slim tree but in vain
don't think it can accommodate my weight
more pics of lushy forest
ARGHHH!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!
a PGYMY Squirrel!!!!

I was squealing and it was smaller than my palm!!!!
GAH!!!! mommy I want this as my pet!!!!!
sayang sayang Orang Utan
so pls ppl...stop burning the forest...conserve our environment yea!!!
go GREEN!!!!
JS all drenched in sweat
while the other Monkey in clothes quenching her thirst
Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre is open daily
Feeding time is 10am and 3pm

aaaahhhhhhh finally
:))))))))))) big smile


neil said...

I love this post! :)

The Macaque Monkey is pretty cute too (as is the one with clothes!)

CHER-RY said...

Thank u Nee Lee!!! Finally I met all my brothers and sisters :P