Monday, September 21, 2009

i-light zone

I was snoozing comfortably
in between the cozy white sheets

such heaven to sleep in late...

I felt some lights were shining in thru a hole at me
thought I was in a dream
it got more intense and I had to force my eyes opened

It's some strange familiar lights
come your eyes a lil bit more..

the light was moving left and right 
u know like those fancy lights in a concert held by fans
O_O sighhhh
and finally my eyes were opened

the familiar light came fr an even more familiar source
someone's iPhone
shining through a strange hole at me.
so this was wat he has been doin 
when he's bored early in the morning
stacked 6 huge fluffy pillows at me
as though he's building an iglo for the eskimos
and shoot lights at my face

splendid -_-

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