Tuesday, September 01, 2009

McAlister breakfast

9the 3 of us woke up so early in the morning
just to EAT

got ready and drove all the way to town
found our bearing
and landed our bums at McAlister road

yes...all the way from Bukit Jambul
it took almost 30 minutes :P
Baby Wei the dessert queen ordered this excellent banana and peanut butter pan cakes
RM 5

outside was caramelised and crunchy :)))
just the way we like em
Penang char kuey teow
with very good wok-hei
but we came for this :))))))))))))
Penang Hokkie Mee

can u see all the Mantis prawns and its eggs
and roast pork and pork lards
not to forget baby squids too

I finished everything including the soup
then it was time to rush back to Bukit Jambul Golf club for work

we were hugging our stomachs during the event...


js said...

This has to be the best hokien prawn mee in Penang. It's on mcalister road next to a red rock hotel. That prawn stock is just amazing!!!

CHER-RY said...

when shall we go again?