Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wat Phra Non, Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya or Ayudthaya was Thailand/Siam's ancient capital
the fist king of Thai ruled the country here from 1350

it's about 1.5hours to 2 hours drive from Bangkok
and u definitely need a good guide to bring u around

Si Fu Lawrence recommended Khun Chai
*khun = mister*
who brought us around
Khun Chai speaks perfect french and english
to visit Ayutthaya u'll need the whole day
with so many things to see....
must say it is one of the most beautiful ancient city I've been

The ancient Kingdom of Ayutthaya sat on an island
hmmmm how do I go about's an island in within the land surrounded by rivers and canals....
not the island out on the sea.

so the whole kingdom was in this lil the valley of Chao Phraya
and we went to visit the largest reclining Buddha in Ayutthaya
Wat Phra Non
didn't I said it's farking HUGE?!?!?!?!

U better watch your mouth lil monkey
my feet can damn slap/stomp you ok???
wow....such beautiful BIG toe nails...
visitors bought gold leaves and paste it there
Manicure pedicure mar~~~~~
comparison of my nails and Buddha's toe nails
I felt so small tiny and helpless
most of the place were in ruins
and yet so beautiful

words can't describe
u need to be there to see it


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