Wednesday, May 13, 2009

High Tea ala Sabah style - 2009

After our yummy fu zhou lunch,
the Spore gang needed to check into their hotels...

"Be ready at 3pm yea....we are goin to hi-tea"
and they obliged without any questions.

psstttt they though it's those hotel buffet hi-tea

Do u think I would bring u to those places?
I myself despise hotel's all leftover food re-cooked again
in thick sauces so u won't know...or deep fried to mask the taste
Si Fu's daddy and mommy....*let's call his mommy Chili Queen*....Bagaholic and Si Fu
**then let's call daddy.... Master of Hokkien Mee coz he whipped the best hokkien mee in the whole of Australia**
high tea sabah style means air-cond-less
packed with locals and u get to choose a variety of stuffs to eat
in fact...mind boggling..dunno wat to eat
they have a variety of sweet and savoury buns
u just need to point which one u want?
we ordered so much of kuihs
the above was with filled with mung beans paste
I dunno wat do u call these but it's filled with sweet coconut with palm sugar
kuih koci and another unknown kuih to me
*sorry la....I'm not a sweet person*
glutinuos rice with coconut wrapped in banana leaf
oh look!!! it's crumbling.....someone.....anyone.....pls go and chomp on it!!!!
since I'm a savoury person...this was wat I had....char kuey teow
crispy gyoza
actully gyoza originated from the Shantong province, China
with pork innit and u can find this at every kopitiam in Sabah
Si Fu said it's too HOT HOT HOT!!!!!
steaming and pipping hot
deep fried SWINE intestines and other spare parts
served with mustard and chili sauce...this one definitely not for me
swine swine swine
despite the flu....we were still gobbling down swines every single day
Bernad da Joker can really really eat.....he wins hands down
me kalah to him
Bernard da Joker: "Come Cherry..........have some paus."
JS usual....counting calories and cholesterol level for his food intake
this man is so disciplined and had exactly 3 meals a day
I dunno how can he stand watching me eat all the time
after math....
Chili Queen and Bagaholic still having their sweet "tong sui"
yeah this place also served good soya bean and tong suis.......

so how do you like hi tea ala sabah style?

Read bout our last visit *here*

Kheng Khin Kopitiam
Lorong Mawas 1,
Jalan Kolam, Taman Foh Sang,
Luyang, Kota Kinabalu.
opens 6.30am - 12.00am

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