Wednesday, May 20, 2009


yes yes yes stop chasing me for Bangkok's post...
they are coming...
*think I still have a few more left bout Sabah*

JS beaming fr ear to ear
his *the other* motherland

JS speaks, read and writes perfect Thai and most important of all NEGOTIATE in thai
our airport limo driver and as alwiz...when it comes to hospitality..
Thais win hands down
*move over u MH Malaysian Hospitality*

anyway Bangkok was extremely safe despite wat u saw on tele
ppl hacking each other
hacking PM
hacking watever they dun like
well better than sulking it up like we do
or wishing our PM is gay
*anyway that's another long story*
it was my first visit to Suvarnabumi Airport
*pronounced Su-Vah-Na-BUM minus the i*
the new airport is huge
in fact too much of walking needed and hurt my tiny monkey feets
Bangkok is sooooo big!!!!
with 12 million people

that's like half of the WHOLE OF MALAYSIA's population OK???

and in terms of sq's bigger than the WHOLE OF SINGAPORE

and so my journey to Krungthep Mahanokorn begins....
*it means City of Angels in Thai*
**Thai also calls their city Gortormo**
***so u'll usually hear krungthep or gortomo instead of Bangkok***


js said...

a short lesson in Thai....hehe.
abbreviation is ก.ท.ม=gotomo.


CHER-RY said...

O_O me dizzy looking at your chicken intestines