Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Food Hall, Siam Paragon (Part 1)

Food hall at Siam Paragon is compulsory to go
*die die must GO*
u'll find a gazillion of food here
spare the explanation....let's go to the picthere were so many things I was ecstatic
dunno where to start
what to buy
which one to eat first
the above caught my eyes first :)))))
there were actually potato crisps on a stick
how creative!!!!
*it's fr Japan actually*
made fr good quality potatoes
all the flavourings for u to choose from
there's so many to choose from...
only 45 bahts = RM 4.50
we had sour cream :))))
*okie okie confession....I HAD*
Golf of siam???
it's actually fried Thai fish cake wrapped with GOODIES :))))))
there's the yummy century egg....can u pls look at its yolk!!!!
salted duck eggschicken eggs with very yellow yolk
since we just had lunch
and only me gonna consume that....we had the century egg
*ok ok I HAD*
as much as I love to try all the different eggs....tummy can only accommodate one
she cut em so neatly without breaking a thing!!!!
the yolk was so huge......

I memang lurve Thai fish cake
with its mixture of aromatic spices like cilies, galangal, lemon grass etc
now with century eggs
GAH!!!!! just couldn't resist
it was served with sweet thai cili sauces...

JS managed to captured my greedy look gobbling down this egg but I will not post it here

Will try to post more bout Siam Paragon's Food Hall soon.


Tsu Lin + + said...

Golf of Siam *Nyom nyom nyom*

js said...

อร่อยมาก :)

CHER-RY said...

yessss aroi mak mak!!!!!!

Tsu Lin + + said...

Oh.. yes, very very very delicious indeed!

จ.ส said...


สนุกมากจังเลย :)