Friday, May 22, 2009

Ban Khun Mae, Siam Square

Baan Khun Mae is just like opposite our hotel
the name of the restaurant means "Mother's place"
it's very popular among locals and tourists alike
freshly made fr watermelon and coconut!!!!!!
move over u 7-11
Tom Yum Goong Nam Saai
this was the clear soup tom yum with lotsa straw mushrooms
dun be fooled by its innocent color
it was ass kickin HOT
Pak Bung Fai Daeng
stir fried water-morning glory leaves with cilies and bean paste
and of coz the small lil thai garlic which was so intense in flava.
Gaeng Kiaw Wan
Green curry - chicken
it got its color fr the sweet thai basil
those lil peas-liked are actually baby thai brinjal
and the bigger ones were aubergines
*they are different*
and the famous fried rice

u must been wondering....why this monkey ate so lil
for this was only Dinner number 1
When u are in Thailand....kenot have a few meals a day
must eat multiple meals a day

no wonder JS pengsan looking at the way I ate

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