Monday, May 25, 2009

Street food at Pratunam, Bangkok

What is a trip to Bangkok without having their famous sticky rice mango????
JS brought this monkey to Bangkok's most famous
and can I say most expensive sticky rice mango?

oh by the way...u dine al fresco here :P

under the starry starry nite
with the hustling bustling Bangkok's noise pollution
and not to mention superb air

it's a lil push cart in Pratunam
the huge see thru sphere was where they store the cooked creamy glutinous rice
it was served separately.....
price was on the steep side 80 baht = RM 8
mango was heavenly sweet can die...
melts in your mouth
no efforts needed to bite just melts
sticky rice was al dente
served with more coconut cream and roasted yellow beans
next to sticky rice mango was this famous chicken rice stalls
they sell about 700 chickens a day!!!!
wat's so special???? but it has got to be the most famous in the city
with the queue and everyone who came and ordered it
chicken carcass and some melon soup boiling away
so despite my FULL and REALLY FULL stomach...I tried!!
look at its GRAIN!!!!
pls look at the chicken!!!!!!

the above piece was an upper thigh
yea...all your chicken comes without the bone
they will de-bone em for u...
and the skin was thin and yummy
there was no extra yellow fat under it...

"hmmmm yummm yummm *gobbling down my chicken rice*"
JS: "I thought u said u were full???"

"hmmm yum yum...yes indeed...yum yum I am very full."
JS: -_- x 1000000000000

"oooooo yummmm so delicious."
JS: "if full then stop eating lor....enuff!!!"

"yes yes very full...but I can still eat"
continued to shove spoonful of rice into my mouth
JS pengsan at the way I eat.
*told ya I'm a cow!!!*
oh yea chicken rice was served with heavely sauce
mixture of sweet soy sauce, fish sauce, ginger, cilies, garlic
it was thick and flavourful

chicken rice was only 30 baht = RM 3
even though I chose upper thigh also the same price
*not like the unfriendly auntie in KL who screamed at me when I ordered upper thigh*
**everyone also want upper thigh...I where got enuff to sell????**
the super satisfied look
I can only consume coke when I'm on holiday
or when JS dun/can't see me :P
to him coke = slow killer poison

so when I get to drink ...
it's like "I'm OUTTA JAIL!!!!!"
JS: "full or not??? >_<"
"YES YES YES very full......hehehehehehe"

erm...then we went to Siam Paragon for my Cream & Fudge ice cream
JS pengsan another time.
nevermind mar...okay baby???


js said...

some more lesson in Thai.

ข้าวเหนียวมะม่วง= kao neow ma muang= sticky rice and mango.

the species of mango is call ........มะม่วงน้ำดอกไม้=ma muang nahm dok mai.


neil said...

I don't know how you can differentiate one character from another... they all look the same to me @@

Anonymous said...

It's an alphabet system with more than 26 consonants and vowels(unlike our alphabet system) and 5 tonal variations!! Damn complicated but need to learn the basics if want to speak thai....reasonably fluently....please look up thai dictionary at
เข้าใจไหม = kow jai mai=do you understand?? :)

js said...

the anonymous was me :)