Monday, May 11, 2009

Culina Enoteca, Dempsey Hill

this was my 2nd visit....and I didn't have time to blog bout my 1st visit
too many posts pending....
or just maybe I've been eating too much that I dun have time to blog bout em.
we started off with a trio of sweet tomato salad, salmon and caviar
caramelised foie gras
I luve the tomatoes
we have enuff quorum to open more wines
ten ppl with a few non drinkers were just nice
Si Fu came with a super funky shirt which was so Junya Watanabe
of coz he wouldn't dare to get it on his own....Bagaholic bought it for him :)))))
Doc & JS - the forever in black gang
shell pasta with duck meat
yummy langoustine pasta
the pasta has such "eggie" taste....that we grabbed whatever that's available in the store
since some ppl can't take poulty, he had seafood pasta instead
J&J James & SWan
yes smile like this...
J&J smiling fr ear to ear coz he got a new toy....
a sexay white lambo :)))))))))))
most of us couldn't finish the meat....
Doc brought a Vougeot
line up for the nite....
Prince C & I Ching
mini choco tarts
mini creme brulee
Doc & Emily
Bagaholic Tracie & Si Fu
looks like everyone's wearing black
and more blacks............
Culina Terrence brought out some sweet juicy tomatoes....
so sweeeeetttttttt
Culina Terrence with a soon-to-be Monkey at the back

this is wat happened when u stay with me too long

Culina Enoteca,
Blk 8, Dempsey Hill,
Dempsey Road,
#01-13, Singapore 249679
Tel: +65 64747338

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